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Strokes Exhibits LLC, is a live ISO 9001:2008 Certified Exhibition Stand Design & Fabrication Company that builds show stopper Stands that are spectacular and high impact. Our creativity, attention to detail and passion ensure that our stands create an impression on the audience while inspiring and engaging them. Through detailed planning and high end design & building standards, we are delivering unified Exhibition Stands that enables “Wow” and live communication for our clients in the exhibitions halls.   Weaving Brand Values with Design Concept   Our Design and Branding team drawn from across the globe and they apply their stand design and branding skills to develop Designs that communicate brand values and give the client design concepts that are relevant to marketing goals. We believe there’s more to Exhibition Stand Design beyond structures, spaces and awesome graphics.   High Impact Brand Communication that creates an unforgettable impression in a cluttered exhibition event is what we always strive for our clients.   State-of...

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Strokes Exhibits – Professional Exhibition Stand Contractors in Dubai

Are you planning to participate in Trade fair ? This is a perfect opportunity for your company to stand out. Innovative and creative exhibition stand design can help you company make a statement and get your brand noticed.

Welcome to Strokes Exhibits LLC! We are an Industry leader in Dubai , with over 10 years experience in Stand building in UAE as well as other countries across the world.

As an industry leader in Dubai, Strokes Exhibit is synonymous for attention to detail, passion and inspiration. Before executing your exhibition stand builders Dubai project, we make sure that we understand the concept and the specifics of the audience that you’re trying to target.

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Exhibition Strand Contractor Dubai

The corporate world is highly competitive, regardless of the field that you’ve chosen. This is why you have to seize every opportunity to impress.
Choosing the right exhibition stand contractor in Dubai will enable you to accomplish a number of very important goals:

  • Selection of the right materials: the materials can turn your exhibition stand in exactly what you want it to be. An experienced designer will make good suggestions that will take your presentation to the next level.
  • The stands are reusable: when created of quality materials and branded professionally, exhibition stands will be reusable. This characteristic provides both convenience and cost-efficiency.
  • Professional design establishes your reputation: it’s very easy to spot the exhibition stands designed by amateurs. Investing in professional execution should be seen as an investment in the reputation and the image of your brand.
  • Modern appeal: the design can easily incorporate technology to create an innovative, even futuristic presentation. The use of LCD screens is just one example.

What are You Waiting for?
An exhibition gives you an opportunity to grow your business and we’ll love to help you do efficient branding. Give us a call today to share your vision and to benefit from our experience.

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