Stand design and fabrication is the core focus of our business. However, to get maximum return on your Exhibition Participation, exhibition support services are essential.

We at Strokes have team of professionals who can work as an extension of your office for providing you following support services for your exhibition participation:

Stand Management

  • Arranging Interpreters:
    Trade shows and events are now purely an international affair as visitors and exhibitors are traveling around the globe to participate and expand their business network. If you are going to target such sort of visitors then definitely your all promotional material should be in the language of targeted visitors and we will make it sure, all translated information should be perfect for that targeted audience.
  • Arranging Hostesses:
    A hostesses service works like a short-term employment agency and providing young women and men for the promotion of clients in events and fairs. The hostesses also set values by having good manners and being multilingual. In this way, our hostesses service offers outstanding personnel who are qualified and properly trained for this challenging task.
  • Response Monitoring:
    It’s a key step to know the effectiveness of the visitor’s response on the stand during exhibition. At Strokes Exhibits, we are offering response monitoring service to record how good response you are getting for the exhibits.
  • Providing Catering Services:
    We will cater for all sorts of your events like sporting, gala dinners, conventions, weddings, product launches and concerts. We have clients from some major corporations to entertainment stars and sports, royalty and even international dignitaries, bearing testimony for our professional team high standards in presentation, quality and hosting.

Public Relations

  • Organizing Press Conferences:
    Our press conference organizing service can help you to publicize exhibition or events in which you are participating in your targeted region. If you are going to invest in a large event, a press release is a best solution to publicize it.
  • Preparation of Media Releases:
    Our media release services are brief written update or summary, alerting the regional media of their targeted market about your company activities and news.
  • Organizing Press Interviews:
    Our press interviews organizing services helps you to conduct & making arrangements for the interviews. We are pleased to assist you regarding establishing contacts with the media to organize press interview.

Direct Marketing

  • Direct Mail Kits:
    If you are going to target on household level then the best way to target is direct mail kits. We will make creative designs to attract the prospects along with the handling of printing and mailing duties. Our team of professionals will handle in a way to maximize the response rate that will directly boost your ROI.
  • Database Development:
    We can help you for the development of database having targeted sales leads which can be converted in sales with the little sales effort. You can use this database for the email marketing, telemarketing, fax marketing to generate sales.
  • Direct Mail Operation:
    We are offering full range of direct mail operation services. We are managing inclusive designs, generation of lists, printing, labeling, folding and its shipment. Our specialized services will help you to reach your targeted audience with economical solutions. Regardless of small idea or detailed plan, we will help you to make your vision live.

Administration Support

  • Car Hire:
    We will help you to move in the finest vehicles as per your needs. We know very well, your time is very precious and you have to reach in time. That’s why we are offering premium services to fit as per your busy schedule.
  • Hotel Booking:
    If you are planning to book a Hotel in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, then you are on the right place. We will help you to get the booking on the best rates and we will make it sure to have confirmed booking directly from hotels during your stay during the exhibitions.
  • Business Centre Services:
    We are offering complete package of business center services starting business facilities to all sort of support services. It helps clients to have a full focus as per their business needs instead of wasting time on day to day operational activities.
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