How to Develop High Impact Promotion during Exhibition event ?

How to Develop High Impact Promotion during Exhibition event ?

Press pack – Well tailored press pack that can be distributed through the show organizer can be a powerful tool during the exhibition event.

Press meet – Invite key journalists to your Exhibition Stand and have a face to face press meet. Build relationship with journalists and follow up with them for early publication of your release.

On stand activity – devising a special promotion or any activity that can create buzz around your Exhibition Stand can be an attention grabber and can really pull crowd to your exhibition event  as well as visitors will remember your brand.

Large screen video presentation – Excellent free medium to create an impact during the show.

Brochure, Leaflet distribution – Well dressed hostesses distributing brochures from different points of your Exhibition Stand can be a good advertising medium.

Creating movement on your stand by giving something away can also work well but make sure you have included your company branding and contact details on the item. Try to use it as a hook to engage with the visitor and get their details before giving it away. You may decide to have an inexpensive item to pass out like sweets to passers-by and a more selective item for real qualified prospects.

Exhibition promotion during the event is a specialized skill which Strokes Exhibits Account Management team can extend their services to their clients in UAE.

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