How to Get Best Exhibition Stand for Big5 Show

How to Get Best Exhibition Stand for Big5 Show

Working on your stand for the Big 5 exhibition on your own and getting your stand designed by an expert designer are two different experiences. An experienced designer would make a plan after asking several professional questions. However; when working on your own, you will have to search those answers. These answers help in knowing what really the goals of exhibiting are.

A stand designer is a living professional who knows every minor detail of the industry. He is well-equipped with the attest industry trends and he knows how to deal with certain emergency and other complicated situations. He only needs to know your preferences in colors, contrasts, budget, and exhibition goals etc.

When one esquires for exhibition stands for the Big 5, the answers are not always satisfactory. Here we have compiled some professional questions which can help you in knowing the exhibition related answers which, as an exhibitor, even you might not have known.

1-      Tell about the Design, Size and Space of the exhibition stand?

The design, size and space of an exhibition stand are the pivotal points around which your complete design would revolve. Therefore, try to bring a rough draft or map of the exhibition venue for a general idea. It will also help the designer to evaluate most prominent and less dominant areas of your stand.

2-      What you want your prospective customers to interpret?

An exhibition stand always has a message hidden in its totality. For perfect interpretation, the message has to be clear. Generally, there is more than one message in an exhibition stand nowadays. One is the marketing message and the other is the goodwill message. Sometimes, the goodwill message is the marketing message of the company. For example; using green color, less papers, and plants on your stand will give a message of environment friendliness.

3-      What are the display items?

No matter how big the space is provided for the stand, it is never sufficient to display every item of your company. Therefore, you have to first decide the display products. The second important thing is to list them in a priority order so that the designer can evaluate the stand design according to focus and depression areas.

4-      How much space would be needed for staff, printed materials, and giveaways?

There is always some extra space needed on an exhibition stand. It is the space required for storage and for the staff. The staff members need to sit back, rest, eat some food or take some drink. They need space for keeping their luggage and bags etc. Storage is required for printed materials. If you will get brochures, newsletters, pamphlets and business cards for 5000 people, then two large cabinets would be needed for storing them and one rack for displaying them on the front table. The final object is the gift and giveaway stock. Giveaways should also be displayed at the front desk. Make sure that your giveaways are not very large in size so that you would not need much space for storing them.

5-      What are your desired colors?

If you have the option of using colors for branding, then don’t pick any other option. If no color is specific for your brand, then pick the colors which attract larger public. Eye soothing colors should not be used alone. Make contrasts with lively colors.

6-      What are your favorite stand designs?

Now the exhibition stand designs have so much advanced that you can use any stand design by simply customizing the stand and adding effects. For further productive ideas, you must take advice from your designer as well.

Apart from the above mentioned questions, there are some minor details as well which need to be evaluated. If you are working with a designer, then you would not need to worry about any such details, because he would be the caretaker!

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