How to Motivate Your Exhibition Stand Staff ?

How to Motivate Your Exhibition Stand Staff ?

Like in any marketing exercise, motivation is an integral part of exhibitions. Even experienced staff tend to under perform if not motivated properly.  Motivation can be in different forms for different types of exhibitions and products. In longer shows, we can even plan targets and incentives for the exhibition stand staff. However shorter shows have be handled in a different manner. Here, motivation may be personal praise, a good word for the attire or a small gift for the best performers.

Too much of monitoring is also not well received by the staff. Instead, they perform better with trust which need to be verbally communicated like, ‘ I think I’ll take a break. I know I can leave the stand with you around.” These kinds of words are magic and perk the staff confidence like nothing else. Delegation of work also increases sense of responsibility and accountability.

How to get the best out of your team?

  • Train them well and keep them prepared inside out on the products they promote. Knowledge of what they handle is the pre condition to better performance.
  • Provide them with the pointers to identify prospective clients from the visiting crowd and categorize the prospects based on the time and attention each group requires.
  • Incentives and rewards for good performance are one of the most accepted ways to motivate.
  • Motivate the stand staff with personal goals and incentives
  • And lastly, never overburden them with duty time and work. Simple economics and human behavior studies tell us that an overtaxed and unhappy person will brood more and under perform. Short breaks in between help them stay alert and happy.

So with ample motivation, the team is prepared for the event. But before we go further, there is another thing that the staff needs training on – their demeanour  or attitude at the stand. In their over enthusiasm to impress, they tend to forget the art of listening. Listening skills are important as at more trade events, the visitors are there with a particular need and have located your stand from others because of the need. They need specific answers to questions and may already know the background of the company.

Your stand staff needs to know how to interact with the visitors:

  • Eye contact: Eye contact is generally considered to be one of the most important things to gain trust. They need to look at the person who is talking.
  • No Interruption: Take care not to interrupt when another person is talking. Listen and then answer.
  • Complete Attention: Never toy with something in their hands or jangle coins in their pocket. This sends out the signal that you are bored and uninterested in the visitor which will affect the relationship even before one is established.
  • Avoid Vague expressions: They need to change their expression so visitors know they understand them

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