How To Promote Your Stands at Exhibition Events ?

How To Promote Your Stands at Exhibition Events ?

With each passing year, the competition becomes tougher in every aspect of marketing and selling. And exhibition stands are not immune to this. A good design, supportive graphics, clear objectives and a great team at the stand are not the only components that take nearer to success. This should be topped with the choice icings which are promotions of the stand before , during and after the event. Apart from the traditional methods of promotion, the whole new vistas of mobile and internet marketing is to be explored and tapped to the maximum to ensure more mileage to the stand and exhibition.

Online media, conservative media, social networking, Mobile marketing tools are the different media available to create the hype and glam and news value about an upcoming event and the exhibition stand.

Material for hot news to be wired every now and then on the social networking sites include:

  • Blogs about the product or service to be unveiled at the show,
  • The technical specs discussions vis – a – vis existing models of the same genre,
  • The marketing hurdles as expected,
  • The launch cities chosen and the like,
  • Games and lucky draws,
  • Opinion polls,
  • Run up to the event news and photo exclusives,
  • Visitors expected at the event,
  • Visitors at the stand and the honorary guest who has condescended to give away the prizes

This exercise creates and keeps the interest in the event and sells your brand.

While the event is on, your exhibition stand can be promoted by trivia marketing. Brand recall will be better with a unique dress code for the staff at the stand, disposable cups or fans or layout map of venue may have your branding. You can even have a mascot who tries to attract visitors to the stand.

The promotions of the exhibition stand and the event continue even after the event. Reports, photo features, gossip grapevines, critic reviews are some of common avenues to be explored. This is directed to communicate to the visitor who did not visit your stand or the one whom you were unable to attend to in the requisite manner.

Like Pre event press briefing, post event briefing is also part of corporate communications. You can even share a unique experience or a case study with the media. If a contest had been held, announce its winners and follow it up with a prize giving ceremony and post the news and photos on the social media, company website and the like.

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