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Agribusiness ME Exhibition Dubai

AGRAme (Agribusiness ME Exhibition) is the largest agribusiness event in the Middle East. AGRIme Business Middle East is a proven networking platform that greatly contributes to the region’s economy by playing a crucial role in promoting and networking the varied trade activities of the region’s burgeoning markets. The show presents a focus on crop cultivation technologies & machinery, farming technologies, landscaping, irrigation systems, greenhouses, horticulture, fertilizers & agrochemicals, agriculture & garden tools, fencing and related agricultural activities. With 152 exhibitors from 33 countries and 8 country pavilions, AGRAme features five closely linked exhibitions under one roof showcasing the latest advances in agriculture and irrigation; animal husbandry and poultry farming; floriculture and horticulture; fisheries and aquaculture and agricultural machinery.

Agribusiness Middle East Exhibition @ AGRAme: The Middle East is regarded as a significant regional market for many food products. Approximately 90% of the requirements are met through imports due to the unsuitable climate, limited water resources and uncultivable soil conditions. The presence of a large expatriate community, has a noticeable impact on the demand, supply and quality of food and related products.

Poultry & Livestock Middle East Exhibition @ AGRAme: Poultry industry in the Middle East has seen significant growth over the last decade but increasing population and expansion of the hospitality sector has pushed the country to import poultry and livestock products from other countries all over the world. As the GCC countries explore options to grow their poultry and livestock sector, it is an excellent chance for relevant product manufacturers and service providers to capitalize on this opportunity.

Fishing & Aquaculture Middle East Exhibition @ AGRAme: The Middle East is enjoying a growing population base, driving increased food consumption trends. The total seafood consumption is increasing annually and the exhibition provides an opportunity to display their products and to know the latest in the industry.

Floriculture & Horticulture Middle East Exhibition @ AGRAme: As the region has developed, consumers in the Middle East have grown to expect international standards in their available food produce, fresh flowers and the outdoor environs that the climatic conditions encourage. The Flower & Garden Exhibition has established a platform for knowledge transfer and a forum for industry professionals, growers, importers, exporters, retailers, government and other industry stakeholders to facilitate business in the Middle East region.

Machinery & Supplies Middle East Exhibition @ AGRAme: Saudi Arabia spent more than SAR 25.5 billion worth of agricultural products in 2008, an impressive increase of 42% over the previous year. Agricultural projects in the kingdom are expected to account for 23% of the expected SAR 181 billion private sector investments. Major investments are being made in the agribusiness sector cater for the demand for food by the growing population.AGRAme is excited to introduce the Machinery & Supplies Exhibition, a dedicated platform for the growing industry of agriculture machinery and equipments in the Middle East. With the growing concern for food security and consequential investments in agriculture, the need for agricultural machinery is more than ever before. Machinery & Supplies Exhibition is the only platform in the Middle East to introduce your agricultural machinery brand.

The show also has a segment of Awards with the following categories:Farm Innovation Award – Agriculture, Farm Innovation Award – Poultry, Best organic farm in the region, Best New Product for Gulf Market – Agriculture, Best New Product for Gulf Market – Poultry and Best New Product for Gulf Market – Landscaping

Another highlight of the show is the AGRAme Seminars:  The 7th edition of AGRAme Seminars will be held between 26 – 28 March at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre. The event will once again host leading speakers from the agribusiness sector to deliver technical topics on issues and challenges facing the industry across the globe with special emphasis on the Middle East region. These seminar sessions will also focus on the latest trends and practices across all industries represented by AGRAme.

The exhibitions are a must visit as 91% of the exhibitors plan to participate at the 2013 edition and 40% of the exhibitors secured business deals worth US$ 100,000 or above. The exhibitors consider AGRAme to be crucially important to their marketing activity in the region and the AGRAme definitely helps to   improve business prospects in the region. Exhibitors can gain access to the lucrative and growing Middle East market and connect with new dealers & distributors. They can cost-effectively promote your products and services & launch new products. AGRA me will help to achieve better understanding of the regional markets, Secure alliances & joint ventures with leading suppliers in the industry and participants can benefit from the event’s extensive marketing campaign with pre-show exposure. The visitors to the show include: Agents & Distributors, Agri-Business Investors & Entrepreneurs, Agriculture Technologists, Agricultural Storage, Transport & Logistics Experts, Educators & Students, Farmers & Farm Managers, Government Authorities, Importers, Exporters & Traders, Industry & Trade Media, Wholesalers & Retailers etc.

AGRAme is an annual event, register today and don’t miss the largest agribusiness industry event in the region.

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