ArabLab Laboratory & Analytical Exhibition Dubai

One of the largest exhibitions in the world in laboratory equipment’s and instrumentation, Arablab gives the exhibitor to share platform with the global leaders in the industry and exhibit to nearly 11000 visitors from 100 odd countries. This event is particularly important for the MENASA region i.e, the Middle East, Northern Africa and South Asia region because the show brings together the best in world manufactures, growing markets and new ideas of research under one roof. Put simply, it reaches the growing markets and even has enquiries from the Far East and China.

The three day event will see over 800 exhibitors including world’s leading manufacturers showcasing the latest in laboratory equipments and instrumentation for a wide range of applications across various industries. Products demos help establish a rapport with the end users from as many as 55 countries visiting the trade show. The leverage gained by participation in ARABLAB is immense, given the variety in the industries and countries that partake.

Largely attended by decision makers of today and tomorrow, ARABLAB satisfies the research enthusiasts too. The trade show is not only about business; it also has a knowledge angle to it. With changing development indices in the region, this show becomes the centre point to share new ideas and technologies.

Products and services showcased cover these fields:

    • Clinical Diagnostic
    • Environmental Science
    • Discovery & Development
    • Forensics & Security
    • Biotechnology & Life Sciences
    • Energy & Petrochemicals
    • Agriculture & Food
    • Research & Development
    • Instrumentation
    • Nano Technology
    • Laboratory Technology
    • Measurement & Testing
    • Robotics & Automation

Arablab is organized at Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, Sheikh Saeed Hall 2 and Sheikh Saeed Hall 3 of Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. It’s on 15 minute drive away from Dubai International Airport and the new Jebel Ali International Airport is just 30 minutes away. The Metro system connects the airport to the Exhibition centre.

The Arablab Group (Scientific International Exhibitions Ltd) is the organizer of Arablab exhibition.

ARABLAB is the only show related with Laboratory & Analytical which gives you:

    • Distributors & Buyers sales exposure from 99 odd Countries
    • Awareness of products for end users from more than 55 countries
    • Access of largest Petro Chemical Market of World
    • Introduction of the biggest Biotechnology Market of World

Business and information go hand in hand at ARABLAB.  The vast region including the Middle East, Indian sub-continent, china and Africa come to see, know and buy the latest technology in laboratory equipments and instrumentation. The feedback from the event results in better products and specific use products in the next show. This dynamic exchange of ideas is what makes ARABLAB unique.

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