Mr Satish Varma, Managing Director Exide at Automek Stand Dubai

Name: Mr Satish Varma

Title: Managing Director Exide

“Experience with the Strokes team was excellent and they are very prompt and responsiveness even under a highly pressurized work environment. Strokes team is very professional, prompt and accountable. If they are committing something, it means they are really committed with their words. I personally want to thank Mr. Benny, Director Strokes Exhibits LLC, the way he has handled everything which shows a lot of confidence as it was do difficult to manage everything. Design was excellent and a lot of people asked about the design. Stand is exactly the replica of design which was presented by the Strokes team and it’s exactly like as we were visualizing. We are really thankful to Strokes team for their great support and services.” 

– Mr Satish Varma, Managing Director Exide