Exhibition participation in Dubai – the importance of Goals & Objectives

Exhibition participation in Dubai – the importance of Goals & Objectives

Well, not exactly the same when you are planning to take part in an exhibition in Dubai. It is not all that simple. One has to be really prepared for such an event. Big events means big money is invested in the details of the show. Events of this magnitude can really make and unmake fortunes. The whole tone of the exhibition will depend on this. If the target is a select audience with very specific need, the stand and the paraphernalia can delve more into that need in contrast to the idea of communicating to a wide general audience wherein you can’t afford to be too specific.

So, in simple words, you need to be serious, cautious and planned for the whole thing. Pure management sense – Better planning leads to better results.

This starts with setting clear objectives. Keep in mind that it is just couple of minutes that is available to make the impact and precisely why, you need to be pretty sure as to what product/ service needs to be highlighted and what supportive products/ services need to complement it. This decision holds the key but one must be aware of ground reality too.

The ‘Ground reality refers to the position and size of the exhibition stand. It also includes in its ambit the type of visitors expected and the layout of the whole event. At any international trade fair like an exhibition in Dubai, the positioning of the stand is very important. Better the position, better the chances of more visitors and a successful exhibition. The exhibitor’s manual clearly lays out the floor designs. Once the best proposition for the event is decided on, next comes the judicious utilization of available space.

Getting down to brass tacks in setting objectives, ask your marketing team couple of straight questions like:

  • Why are we showcasing at this event?
  • Whom are we trying to impress?
  • What new do we have compared to competitor?
  • How well can we sell on our performance in past?
  • What are the expectations in market?
  • Are we new to this market?
  • How much do we plan to spend?

A discussion may follow. Answers to above usually lead the all important answer to the question:” What are we showcasing at the event?” And answers and suggestion to the remaining question of “How we are going to achieve it?”

The discussion will also bring to fore the arguments and counter arguments for a choice of product or service to be highlighted. Weigh the options before making the decision.

The decision once made has to be adhered to. Change in objectives at a later hour will throw everything offtrack and create confusion for the teams involved like the marketing, exhibition stand designing, Interior décor planning, client servicing, graphics designing and others. It will also lead to last minute hassles and hurry.

So set clear, achievable goals and attain them with ease and confidence.

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