How to Create High Impact Exhibition Stands that talks your business

How To Develop an Exhibition Plan for Sure Success

An exhibition may be a limited period project for a company because the exhibition last on an average only few hours/ days or weeks and less frequently months. But this limited period show demands strategic planning. Planning can start as early as 12 months before the event. More meticulous planning makes you better equipped for the event.

A successful event is the group effort of many teams executing different many activities at various levels. Some of these are before the event , some during and some after the event. This is exactly why it is imperative to have a plan before going ahead into designing or executing or displaying at the event.

Hindsight of what has been the scene in previous exhibitions and foresight to gauge the mood and readiness of the present are the most important two factors that make a good plan. Lessons from past experiences, the exhibitor’s manual, update on competition are some other factors that help in designing a good plan.

A good exhibition plan has clearly defined parameters for the following:

  • Objectives of the exhibition: Why the exhibition? What to exhibit? Who are the target?
  • Time scales of the different stages of execution and promotions
  • Budgets for concept, design, execution, add ons, people, transport, logistics etc
  • Space requirements for the different displays depending on their importance.
  • Stand and graphic design parameters to ensure maximum impact
  • On-site services that add value like a coffee vending machine or a business centre
  • Transportation and logistics of man and material
  • Staffing levels and training for the promotions and actual show
  • Pre- and post-show promotions: content, stages, followups
  • Show evaluation criteria with respect to the objectives
  • On-stand data collection for further business
  • Follow-up procedure for leads: filtering and prioritizing

Involve everyone in the pre event briefing, make them feel important with designated jobs. This induces team spirit in them and helps to execute the plans to perfection. As in any other project, set deadlines and stick to them. Have project leaders who report at stages and are answerable for any deviations.

And lastly, any plan is successful when it can assimilate change. Though exhibition plans are initiated with much time to spare, there might be a last minute change, inclusion or exclusion of a facet. The plan has to be resilient to change and yet responsive to the event. In house and external expertise may be required to draw such a plan.

With such a detailed plan, you have thought and visualized most of the event.  So, now you are ready and things just fall into place as you planned at each stage like a well oiled machinery. And without hassles, your focus is only on the show and the management of visitors during the event. This makes your team more productive and efficient in generating genuine business leads and deals in the limited time available.

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