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Hire Exhibition Stands in Dubai, UAE

While making decision of the exhibition stands, one of the key decisions will be, whether you are going to hire a stand or to go for custom-built stand within your budget.

For those on a shoe-string budget, STROKES EXHIBITS offers a range of different stands and systems for hire because when it comes to working on a tight budget, the flexibility of getting a stand for hire is the right solution. The beauty of  Hiring  Exhibition Stands is the flexibility in terms of budget and creativity.

You will have the option of looking at different modular profile systems that will fit into your budget as well as the size. Depending on your specific requirement you will have various options to choose from. Most clients prefer to hire when they have multiple events with varying sizes in different locations. Modular stands are designed in such a way that it will be easy to transport, lightweight, and easy to assemble and dismantle which will assist you whenever you are thinking to Hire Exhibition Stands in Dubai.

The charm of using Strokes Exhibits is the customization and flexibility in the shape of creativity and budget. We will add tailored components or we can design a stand which will be partially purchased and hired as per your budget and requirements. We are also offering you same sort of assistance, if you are our loyal customer including stand staff training, advices to maximize the number of leads at your stand, and crowd puller ideas like massage therapists and professional entertainers. We will also help to work with the organizers of the exhibition shows to order flooring & electronic supplies, graphic panels to brand your exhibition stand in Dubai, and all other sorts of exhibition services, especially in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and UAE.

We at Strokes Exhibition know very well, the motives why exhibitors go for Hiring Exhibition Stands and then how to make the look of a stand more vibrant and inspired.

No doubt, your decision is based on lots of factors like whether you have a narrow budget or you are going to test the market as you are exhibiting first time in that specific exhibition or you have more than one exhibition at the same time.

These couple of reasons among others help to choose a stand hire as a favorable alternative instead of purchasing. So, you don’t need to have to pay for the refurbishment or storage costs as it’s a highly flexible solution.

At Strokes Exhibits, it will not cost you anything to sort out what exactly you need to achieve by Hiring Exhibition Stands  in Dubai or Abu Dhabi Exhibitions.


How do I know if I should rent or buy my exhibition stand ?

  If you have a space-only exhibition area and want to invest in a show-stopping stand and make a big impression hiring an exhibition stand is the ideal solution. Hiring is also a much more cost-effective solution if you only attend a couple of shows a year. You can work with a professional stand builder who will deliver, build and dismantle and store your stand in between shows. On the other hand, if you attend trade shows more than 5 times a year purchasing a stand is a better option. You can take the stand to each show, and even update graphics, size up or down and include different elements to suit different shows.

Which budgets will the hire stands work for ?

  You will find something for every budget – stands that are simple but effective or even showstoppers if you would like something a little more extravagant.

Can I keep any of the stand ?

  The stand frame and accessories are part of the hire package, which will go back to the supplier. However, the printed panels — the custom part of the stand — are yours. Feel free to let the supplier know if you would like to keep them at the end of the show.

Can I add my own accessories ?

  Yes, you can. You can add them to the stand, organise them according to your wish and have the stands finishing touches completed by yourself.

Do I need to consider storage ?

  You don’t have to worry about the storage as the stand is kept with the supplier. This is the biggest advantage as we know storage can be an issue if you have a large stand. The only thing to consider would be the panels if you wish to keep them after the exhibition.

Does Strokes Exhibits offer stands for hire ?

  At Strokes Exhibits we have a range of exhibition stand hire, which are cost-effective. They are perfect for those who are looking for a high impact exhibition stand while avoiding the expense of buying a stand. Exhibition stand hiring is the best option if you want to save additional cost on storage and annual refurbishment. We have hire solutions that will suit your needs and budget.

You can choose from a range of design features to transform your stand and thereby create a unique exhibition stand to suit the needs of your company without compromising on your brand value and identity.  

We have stands for short or long-term hire. They are easy to install and are light weight, making them the perfect choice for trade shows and exhibitions.  

We also provide printed fabric display graphics for our clients and create the look of an expensive custom-built exhibition stand at a fraction of the cost. For a greater impact we use large seamless walls or back-lit lightbox graphics.

For exhibitors who have events that overlap our modular exhibition rental solutions are ideal.

Why is exhibition stand hire a viable option for exhibitors ?

  For many companies, exhibition stand hire is a favourable choice. For new and international exhibitors it can be especially beneficial. It is also the ideal choice for businesses that often change their marketing messages, want to duplicate their stand for overlapping events or simply need flexibility. Here are more reasons exhibition stand hire may be right for you:

Ability to use trial and error Exhibition stand hire is often the best solution for an inexperienced exhibitor. You will get a better understanding of what you’re looking for in terms of stand size, additional components, display systems and storage space from your first trade show. 

Be flexible For the ultimate flexibility you must go for exhibition stand hire. It gives you the freedom to modify the look and size of your stand as you wish, making sure it always fits into your exhibiting space, marketing efforts, and show requirements. In terms of creativity hiring gives great flexibility.

Save money and time There is no need to spend money on shipping and storage of your stand. For international exhibitors this is especially convenient. The turnaround of your exhibition stand will be much quicker if you’re renting locally. Purchasing will be much more cost effective if you attend three, four or more shows a year and you want to re-use the same stand over a long period of time.

It’s more convenient You can choose a stand that you can easily set up yourself or let your stand contractor handle the installing. At Strokes Exhibits we offers install and dismantle service so that you can have a stress-free exhibiting experience.

We at Strokes Exhibits provide a range of affordable options to help you get more from your budget. You have the option to rent or purchase stands from us, and we ensure you’ll get the same support and advice from our experienced team!

What are the common misconceptions connected to exhibition stand rental ?

  #You can’t customize a rental exhibition stand

Customization is possible with a rental exhibition stand. These designs are made on pre-engineered modular structures. According to your needs and preferences you can easily add or remove elements and mould the design without disturbing the primary structure. To give it a completely new look reflecting your brand you can also affix the particular graphics on the booth.

#Rental exhibition stands have a standard size

Most of the rental exhibition booths offered by exhibition companies in Dubai are modular in nature and are hence dynamic. According to your preferences you can either increase or decrease the size of the exhibition stand. These companies offer rental booths of different sizes. Opt for one keeping the exhibition space in mind.

#Rental exhibition stand does not include props and furniture  

Turnkey exhibition booth solutions are offered by many exhibition booth contractors in Dubai. When you rent an exhibition booth you will get a complete setup, which includes different furniture and props like display stands, chairs, counters, hanging banners, and other things. You can also incorporate other things if you wish. However, the add-ons come with additional charges.

#Quality of rental booths is substandard

The exhibition booth rentals offered by some of the leading exhibition booth design companies in Dubai are of top quality. These rental booths crafted using PU, aluminum or wood, are of premium quality. However, only a trusted exhibition stand rental builder will be able to give you high quality stands.

At Strokes Exhibits we offer different types of high-quality exhibition stands at affordable prices.

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