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Why Using an Exhibitor Manual is Key to Exhibition Success in the UAE

Reading the Exhibitor Manual essential for the success of Exhibitions in the UAE

International trade fairs routinely provide exhibitors a detailed manual. Some exhibitors read it while others don’t. But in fact, this manual is helpful in more ways than one. It clearly details:

• The exhibition layout & floor plans
• The track record of previous years
• The visitors’ profile
• The order forms
• The marketing forms
• Rules & regulations
• Checklists and buildup & breakdown timelines
• The key dates for ordering contractor services such as electric, waste and water, cleaning, etc
• Directory of providers of Value added services like interpreter services, business secretaries, hostesses, etc.

Most of them also have information you can use relating to accommodation options, hospitality information, and information about cab services or rent-a-car services available in the city. This kind of information is appreciated much in an alien country or city. Sometimes, you also have language barriers to overcome and in such a scenario, any information that acclimatizes you is welcome.

Online exhibitor manual easy to access

Today, larger-scale exhibitions use online manuals that can be accessed with a secure password and log in. Some use a combination of print manuals and online manuals while a bunch of them use print manuals only.

Newsletters from the exhibition conductors are also useful as they keep you abreast with any changes or new development.

The perfect tool to warm up to the exhibition

The manual and the periodic newsletters help you to warm up to the exhibition and the information gives you confidence that you are in the saddle and that you know the event inside out.  It provides information about:

  • Payment Procedure
  • Indemnity and Waiver
  • Exhibitor & contractor Badges
  • Visitors’ Admittance and Invitations
  • Logistics Freight Forwarding
  • Travel and Accommodation
  • Event Regulations
  • Onsite Services
  • Important contact numbers
  • Officials mail IDs

Armed with this information, you are better equipped to have a business talk with the local providers of different services you require including the design of the exhibition stand, the complementary graphics design, literature, etc.

The local contractor is able to add to the information already shared in the exhibition manual. His hindsight and foresight can help you notch a couple of points above other exhibitors. Following the manual’s guidelines for the exhibition naturally leads to a hassle-free experience. Even for the regular exhibitors at the various periodic fetes, events, and exhibitions, the manual is always a guide to better exhibiting.

The exhibitor manual provides exhibitors with all the information they need to plan and execute their participation in an exhibition

UAE exhibitions are a great opportunity to promote your business and products to a wide audience. However, success at a UAE exhibition takes more than simply setting up a booth. To really make the most of the opportunity, it is essential to study the exhibitor manual thoroughly.
An exhibitor manual provides exhibitors with all the information they need to plan and execute their participation in an exhibition. It includes details on the event venue, dates, times, and other important logistics. It also provides information on the exhibiting company, its products and services, and its goals for the exhibition. In addition, an exhibitor manual should include a marketing plan outlining how the exhibiting company will promote its products and services at the exhibition.

With a deep understanding of the exhibitor manual, exhibitors can be confident that they are making the most of their UAE exhibition opportunities. Strokes Exhibits Dubai has over 20 years of experience in UAE exhibitions and can help exhibitor to adhere to strict guidelines mentioned in the Exhibitor manual. Contact us today to learn more.