Eco friendly Stand design

Guide of Eco-Friendly Stand Designing for Dubai Exhibitions

Gone is the time when Dubai exhibitions were neither considered environment friendly nor profitable for marketing. The trend has greatly changed now and more marketers are now choosing exhibitions for reaching their new audiences. Here is how you can make your stand more sustainable in the crowded exhibition of Middle East.

By nature, exhibitions in Dubai are not considered very eco-friendly. It is a conglomeration of many marketers and exhibitors under one roof, which starts from lots of travelling, and expenditure of fuel and money.

However; due to the foresightedness of stand design companies in Dubai, exhibition culture is becoming more inviting and sustainable. Mr. Gilson Manuel, CEO of Strokes Exhibits LLC, claims that exhibitions used to be of no profit in the past. He said that when one entered the old exhibition venues, there was only one thing he noticed and that was the waste of money. The materials used included cardboard packaging and bubble wraps. These were thrown away after the show.

Now the exhibition companies know the importance of recycling and therefore; they provide totally different types of equipments and materials.

The most common material of all exhibitions was the floor and aisle carpet. The administrators now recycle the carpets on next shows. Recyclable carpets include the cord carpet which can be vacuumed and used for several times. It is less expensive and thrown away after the usage of some times. Some exhibition companies have totally gotten rid of carpets. They use the modern techniques of painting the venue floor and changing the paint every two to three weeks.

Modular Approach of Exhibition Stands in Dubai

Apart from the flooring, another biggest change has appeared in the stand designs. Previously, the stands built were able to provide services for one time only. They had to be replaced in the next shows. However; the stands produced now can be used several times. People also produce customizable stands which can be altered for the show requirement. Another option is to buy equipments and tools of a stand and produce custom stand for every show.

Mr. Gilson told that companies now request for Eco-Friendly Stand Design  . Although some companies still choose custom built stands but a more common approach is to use modular stands only. The stand designing trends have also changed and more decorative are used to decorate the stand display. The companies which still use custom built stands use decorating equipments and props to use a similar stand for different shows.

Modular stands are beneficial in several ways. They are not only easy to customize but they are easy to handle and transport as well. These stands are environment friendly also. According to Mr. Gilson, modular stands have gained importance in decades. The former modular stands took a lot of time to become a trend because they were often considered poorly creative and less attractive. But now, the modular stands come in various features to attract the audiences. Now, people choose those stand companies more which offer modular stands. The stand companies now simply buy the stand base and stand props along with customizable equipments.

How to Cut Down on Printing Materials

The trend of adopting eco-friendly recipes has hit the exhibition marketing techniques as well. Brochures, cards and other such printed materials have been cut down by the electronic alternatives. The audiences also know about the brief marketing flyer along with a QR code and use it to access the company material. Otherwise, they expect a CD or an online newsletter or email from the company who has received their email address. Phone call and person to person meeting are also bigger options. Another technique of saving the paper and trees is to send the brochures after the show to the interested people or the sales leads only. Posting time is very important for your successful marketing. The earlier you send the materials, the stronger would be your marketing effect.

On the other hand, there is another category of the exhibitors. These are the prominent industry marketers who want to maintain the sustainability promise as well as deliver innovative and creative display on the stands. According to Mr. Gilson, the marketers should not worry about creativity. Aluminum is something you can do wonders with. The latest custom modular aluminum stands help you bend the flexible material and create whatever you want on your stand. Everyone already knows that no matter how much you use the aluminum, it is recyclable. The quality and quantity is never lost when it comes to aluminum.

Now, a proper board is not required to talk about the sustainability of exhibitions. Many large and small corporations are taking initiative on their own. They are choosing better recyclable options and working a lot on bringing new trends for a larger impact. Such initiatives are helping people to maintain the globe green as carbon emissions and pollutions have greatly decreased. On the other hand, the waste product has also decreased and landfill has minimized.

Finally, after all the efforts of keeping the environment green, it is important to boast your efforts. It not only helps you generate goodwill for the business but a message of environmental security also spreads.

How to Make Your Exhibition Stand Sustainable in Ten Ways

  • Select a modular stand that will last longer.
  • Don’t throw away the reusable materials. Use them in different creative ways.
  • Select recyclable flooring options. For carpeting, select the carpets which can be reused or vacuumed for number of uses. Fiber carpets and carpet tiles are also good options.
  • For decoration and equipments, select the material which can be recycled. Avoid cards and foam sheets.
  • For wood, select the approved timber wood only.
  • Install energy saving lights. LEDs are very commonly used. Small lights can also do good job.
  • For adhesiveness, make sure that the materials are compound free and organic.
  • If you want painted floorings, then choose eco-friendly water based paints.
  • Avoid printed marketing options. Despite paper brochures and cards, select scanned brochures and cards. Send offers via email or phone.
  • Boast about your eco-friendly services. Let people know your efforts for saving the planet. Also do aware them about the importance of eco-friendly exhibitions. Give green volunteer gifts.
  • Strokes Exhibits Dubai design team are passionate about creating functional and eco friendly stands

As the UAE’s leading Exhibition stand design company, we at Strokes Exhibits Dubai are passionate about creating functional and eco friendly stands that help our clients make a lasting impression at trade shows and events. Our team of experienced designers will work closely with you to understand your brand and objectives, and then create a stand that is both eye-catching and Eco friendly. From concept to execution, we will ensure that your stand is designed and built to the highest standards. So if you are looking for an Eco friendly Exhibition stand in Dubai, contact us today and let us show you what we can do.