Lead Conversion Dubai Exhibition

How you can Convert Exhibition Leads into Successful Business at Dubai Exhibitions?

By following these simple steps, businesses can maximize their chances of success

Dubai exhibitions are a great way to generate leads for businesses. However, it is important to follow up with these leads in order to convert them into successful business deals. There are a few steps that businesses can take to ensure that they are making the most of their Dubai exhibition leads. First, it is important to collect contact information from all potential leads. This can be done through business cards or by providing a sign-up sheet at the Dubai exhibition booth. Secondly, it is important to follow up with these leads in a timely manner. This can be done by sending an email or making a phone call within a few days of the Dubai exhibition. Finally, it is important to set up meeting or video calls with potential clients in order to further discuss the business opportunities that exist. By following these simple steps, businesses can maximize their chances of success at Dubai exhibitions.

Exhibitions in Dubai are tricky

There are different techniques which small business owners in Dubai use to sell their products and services in Middle East market. The techniques depend on the nature of the business therefore these techniques differ from wedding photographers to web designers and award winning multinational firms in whole Middle East.

Dubai Exhibitions not only let you meet with prospect customers but these also allow you to offer your products and services in different and creative ways of UAE market. But exhibitions demand hard work and a lot of thought process. Exhibitions in Dubai are tricky and if you don’t pick them right, you can miss marvelous opportunities. This is why; some firms try their efforts in an exhibition and after failure, they give up.

Exhibitors have higher expectations but they don’t put in enough homework

According to psychological studies of exhibitors in Middle East, it is revealed that many exhibitors have very high expectations from exhibitions and they believe that exhibitions might not meet their demands. Another biggest flaw comes during the preparation. People have higher expectations but they don’t put in enough homework. They just display their products and services and want to follow up their consumers without gathering sufficient data.

Exhibitions with creativity and and smart marketing tactics, can give great returns 

The high cost of Dubai exhibition is another fear of exhibitors. People are not always willing to spend this much money on the exhibitions. But the fact is that if you work on exhibitions with creativity and tricks, then unexpectedly great returns can be your gift in shape of better lead generation from Middle East region. According to different studies, face-to-face association with the clients and customers is very effective in the present digital world. The effect magnifies in size when you meet a highly targeted market in a highly creative and effective manner. Your products and services could be introduced to appropriate people and you know that your results would be just according to your requirements.

Dubai Exhibitions are not only a place where industry leaders meet. It is also a place where your favorite audiences come together. The best strategy is to gather as many sales leads as possible. It is not the moment to spend hours on one prospect customer. You can save the long chats for next moments of communication or you may miss lots of prospect customers.

How you can Convert Exhibition Leads into Successful Business

According to a case study, exhibitions in Dubai can give very pleasant experiences but the success in exhibition is not achieved in one try only. Sometimes your first exhibition can give you success but it might take longer time. According to the study on Dubai Exhibitions, in the first exhibition 100 leads were followed. From the 100 leads, 70 were converted into loyal customers but the time for this whole process was one whole year. The exhibiting company kept on following the leads until they had a proper conversation with them. The purpose of following continuously was to make the customers realize that the exhibiting company in Dubai cares for them.

Al-Yousuf Group at Motor show Dubai- a case study

Al-Yousuf Group is a company that gained a lot of success from Motor Show Dubai at DWTC handled by Strokes Exhibits llc Dubai. Tamim Al-Yousuf, the marketing manager, tells that they have several events on the success list including the Dubai Motor Show. He says that several good conversations led them to success because it is all about meeting prospect customers and new people. Tamim Al-Yousuf claims that he was very suspicious about investing in the Dubai Motor Show but the results were really successful.

The Al-Yousuf Group operates network of showrooms across the UAE and Middle East. His technique at the exhibitions is to make people aware about his services with the help of visuals. In visuals, he involves before and after pictures and shots of his services. He also displays his vehicles. For appointments and data collection, he uses old clipboards, papers and pens only.

Yet another success story-Swiss Perfumes Middle East at beauty World Middle East

Dubai Exhibitions are not about spending all your savings or praying hard for success. Fortune has nothing to do with exhibitions. If you creatively use your exhibition stand and reasonably approach your prospect customers, then success is guaranteed. Yet another success story-Swiss Perfumes Middle East which is a world class distributor of cosmetics products, deodorants, and perfumes acheived huge success at Beauty world Dubai. For their exhibition displays, our team of exhibition professionals had finalized Beauty World Dubai. And designed & fabricated award winning exhibition stand. At the end, their results are always very successful. According to their representative, they worked with very low budget. Styling and staging were their direct targets which worked the best in their case.

Creation of Wow Factor- Gale Pacific at Big 5

The products of Gale Pacific are not something new to the market. They are manufacturer of shading products for Middle East domestic and commercial market. Our exhibition stand design experts worked hard to bring the wow factor to their exhibition stands and therefore their products are sold out within no time. But the first step according to Strokes Exhibits is always meeting the people, communicating with them and demonstrating them about their stand design as per their products & services requirements.

According to Mr. Ali Haider, Regional Manager Gale Pacific, their experience was not much good with some other exhibition stand contractors as people didn’t come to their stand. They found out that people observe the stands from distance and the presentation of stand is very important. Now they worked on guidelines & design suggested by Strokes team. Strokes believe in making the appearance of stand good and placing it into a visible position which has improved their success rate at exhibitions a lot.

According to Mr. Ali Haider, Dubai exhibitions are expensive and you can easily go out of your budget when exhibiting. But people should use realistic approach when exhibiting in Middle East.

The sad part is that the investor of thousands of dirhams expects to get the results by the end of the show. As a fact, the end of the show is actually the beginning of your real hard work.

For a small business, the rate of hard work increases. Advertising, PR, marketing and many such functions are to be done after the show. Mr. Ali Haider says that he has noticed many people who don’t even communicate with people in the exhibitions, and according to Mr. Ali Haider, they are crazy.

Communicating with people is your key to turn the game on your side. Successful exhibitors use sponsored stands with high profiles and attract the attention of people.

Exhibition support services to maximize your chances of success

Strokes Exhibits Dubai offers Exhibition support services to convert exhibition leads into successful business opportunities. Our team of experts will provide you with the necessary guidance and resources to make the most of your Dubai Exhibition experience. We offer a wide range of services, from exhibition design and planning to lead generation and marketing. With our help, you can maximize your chances of success and make the most of your Dubai Exhibition experience. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you succeed in Dubai Exhibitions.