Award Winning Stand

How to Have Award Winning Exhibition Stand for Small Space in DWTC

The space of an exhibition stand has always proven to be a tragedy especially if you are going to exhibit in Dubai, especially for self-dependent exhibitors and amateur designers. The exhibitors know that the exhibition management can sometimes become so cruel that they allocate nothing more than 2 meters for making up for stand. Your first reaction would definitely be ‘are you serious’? But every exhibitor should accept now that no matter the space allocated to you is 2 meters by 2 meters or 12 meters by 12 meters, it is ‘always less’.

Here we have listed down some spaces along with their demonstrations and tips. These are the essential spaces on an exhibition stand. If you are having extra furnishings or materials, then you might need extra spaces.

Staff Space

The staff space is a combination of the number of representatives and employees on the stand and the space required to keep the stand comfortable for movements. Have you ever seen a stand where the staff members are bouncing with each other? It is a big blunder actually. An unprofessional designer would not make the staff space comfortable enough.

Staff space includes not only the basic space to move and rest but the space for guests is equally important. The stand builders Dubai don’t let the visitors feel uncomfortable or bouncing into the staff on the stand by making accurate measurements for movements.

Storage Space

Storage space is always the most needed on a stand. It includes the space to store the to-hide materials and the space to store the to-show materials. To-hide materials include extra products, newsletters, brochures, intellectual properties, flash drives and other related stuff. To-show materials include brochures, newsletters, product replicas, business cards, and review cards etc.

To-hide materials are kept inside storage boxes and lockers. To-show materials are kept on front tables and in the shelves. Storage space can easily cover a lot of space on your stand. Since the space is already low, try to find out storage space somewhere else like the store or lockers provided by the exhibition management.

Signage Space

Many people use stands and rods to display the signage. There are many other techniques. You can use the top area of your stand to display the signage. The stand builders Dubai also hang the signage from the roof of exhibition venue. Try to pick the alternatives instead of letting the signage occupy a lot of floor space. However; if the signage is not visible or prominent enough, then you can use the floor as well.

Surrounding Space

A very basic professional tip is to stay at the center and avoid using the surrounding space or your stand will look cluttered. However; if your stand has not occupied a lot of center space, then use the surrounding space as well. Make sure that the surrounding of your stand is inviting to the visitors.

Products Display Space

Avoid taking everything in office to the exhibition. Take only most-needed products. The product display should show a variety and not many products of the same category. Furthermore, choose vertical display for the products rather than horizontal one. Vertical display especially the shelves and racks carry a lot of products but they should not go above average human height.

An unexpected fact is that the visitors now judge that how you use your exhibition stand space. If the stand is cluttered, they find it as a management error and choose your competitors over you.

Hiring a professional exhibition booth designer will secure you from the horror of cluttered stand or no visitors in an exhibition. Ask the designer to best use the space and illuminate it with fresh lights to give an improved look.