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How you can Choose Right Space for Exhibition Stand in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

Selection of space for your Exhibition Stand in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE is not more than hasty by looking at exhibition floor plan. Availability of best space for exhibition stand totally depends on early booking. You have to decide which sort of stand space suits as per your objectives for exhibiting and how you are planning to use it. If you are going to exhibit first time, you may wait to book later to get advantage of special discounts from the organizers but you will have limited choices in this case for the selection.

You need to consider the following points while selection of your exhibition stand space for Exhibition Stand in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

  • Visit Show: It’s a best idea to visit the exhibition show of this year in which you are planning to exhibit next year to see & analyze, what is the behavior of visitors in the show.
  • At the Entrance: You can plan your exhibition stand position near to the exhibition show entrance. But, note that normally most of the exhibition visitors walk directly towards exhibition hall by avoiding these positions.
  • Corner Stands: Corner exhibition stands are catchier as they give feel of openness. If more sides will be open to pass away, it’s easier and better for audience to walk.
  • High Traffic Areas: You also need to sort out exhibition areas having high traffic. Areas at which people congregate such as cafes, seating, seminar suits and refreshment points will have high traffic. Even areas near toilets can have high traffic as compare to other areas.
  • Columns: You also need to look out for the columns in your exhibition stand space because it will impact a lot on your available exhibition display area. It can also disrupt presentations of your services or products while presenting to the visitors. It can also make it tough for you to see the approaching of exhibition visitors.
  • Neighbours: You have to see which company is going to exhibit next to you, if there is a big company exhibition stand next to you – it could work in your favour as you can have an advantage of their high traffic.
  • Height Restrictions: You need to ensure to know about the height restrictions by the organizers. Normally, space only exhibition stands can have maximum 4m height. But, in some venues, exhibition stands can be higher than 4m but you have to take approval after showing full drawing of structure to your organizer.
  • Space Only or Shell Scheme: In normal scenario, the space of exhibition stand that is smaller than 25 sq. m will be used as shell scheme and exhibition space above 25 sq. m will be considered for sites having space only. 
    • Space Only: is renting of space for floor only and exhibitor has to arrange everything. It is economical as compare to shell schemes and exhibitor can use saving to make exhibition stand having more attractive look and it will work to attract more visitors. You can also save money by renting a stand instead of purchasing.
    • Shell Scheme: is good for the exhibitors who are going to exhibit first time or those who have low budget. The shell schemes packages normally includes walls, carpets and name board of a company. It may have spot lights in packages as well, it purely depend on the organizer of the show, what packages they are offering. But, note that furniture, display items and graphics will not be part of such packages – you have to order them separately. The shell scheme standard size is 3 x 2 meters with maximum height of 2.5 meters. The main disadvantage of shell schemes is differentiating from other shell scheme users and to stand out from the exhibition crowd. 
  • How Much Space: Sorting out the right location is the half success to choose your space for exhibition stand. You also need to finalize, how much space you need. The space for exhibition stands is sold in meters and having price as per sq.m.

To take decision, you have to see your objectives of exhibiting and your budget for that specific exhibition:

  • Are you planning to make statement about size as per the market?
  • Are you planning to have a demo of large equipment?
  • Are you going to use visual and audio presentation?

Whatever objectives you have for the show, you have to book sufficient stand space to display your products, presentations or demonstrations as well as for some visitors and your own exhibition stand staff. And on the basis of these factors, you should have good idea about space which you need for your exhibition stand.

If you have sufficient space at your business premises, it’s a better way to mark out as per your coming exhibition to have visualization about the exact space requirements of your products, presentations and demonstrations.

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