Marketing Channels for Exhibition promotion

Pre-Event Promotional Steps for Exhibitions in Dubai

If you are looking forward to a great and successful event in Dubai, then you need to put in great pre-event promotion for your Exhibitions in Dubai. Varying on the basis of marketing techniques, different exhibitors pick up different techniques of stand promotion. However; a mix of all can blend up and extend the marketing reach and maximize the exhibition results days before the big day.

Check Out the Show Guides: 

A really good point to start your preparation is to have a quick look on the exhibitor manual and think about the business chances available. Prepare all your guides including the show manuals, show catalogs and show guides etc. with complete company information. The majority of exhibition organizers in Middle East do not charge for this information. So this can prove to be a really good chance to introduce to people and generate an indirect connection before the event.

Send Invites: 

UAE Event organizers provide invitations to the exhibitors. Ask for some of them. You can personalize these invites by getting your company logo published on them or adding a special message with your stand exact location in exhibition hall etc. If the invites are not given, then you can publish some of your own. Keep the invites at the reception of your head office. Scan and send them via email to your customers and business friends. Buy VIP tickets for exclusive customers.

Run Adverts: 

Apart from personal advertising, you can also utilize the advertising platform of the event organizers. Pick the taglines and promotional tickers they are using. Gather information about the features, special seminars and conferences at the exhibition and use them to advertise along with the notification of your presence. Use creative banners and flashes, and remind people later. Place a banner at your website. You can also link your website to the website of organisers. Edit your email signature and SMS signature.

Make Contact With the Press: 

No matter how much you struggle to promote, you will realise later that the promotion through press was the easiest way to reach greater number of people. Mostly, the organisers hire a PR agency or PR office. Place press gifts and letters to press there. Send press releases to the media houses like Emirates Week. Find contacts among the journalists. Send your newsletter to the press. Ask your customers to refer your name to their media friends. Find the associated media houses or journalists with the event and contact them. Most importantly, give them news. If you are just a part of the event, then they might include your name in the feature. But if you are going to do something special and different from others, then you are in the headline.

Pre-Book Appointments: 

If you are not a regular exhibitor, then note that the majority of UAE events have pre-book appointment system. Pre-book appointments help you to confirm your success no matter how stocked the event is. Make pre-book appointments so that you can also predict the activities at the event. Not everyone is going to stick to the plan but at least you will have work to do and show.

Exhibition Support services

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