Why DIHAD Dubai is the leading Humanitarian Aid and Development Event?

DIHAD Dubai is the leading Humanitarian Aid & Development Event Dubai which provides the perfect opportunity for organizations to learn about and participate in humanitarian aid and development initiatives. The event will provide attendees with information on the latest regional and global developments, while also highlighting best practices from across the humanitarian sector. Organizations can also expect to learn about potential partnerships and funding opportunities. DIHAD Dubai was launched in 2004 as the Middle East’s first ever humanitarian aid and development event, thereby creating a regional platform for the exchange of humanitarian ideas and values. Over the years, DIHAD Dubai has grown into one of the largest humanitarian events as it brings together humanitarian influencers and key decision makers from leading international organizations, NGOs, Governmental emergency management bodies and Charities.

The DIHAD Dubai Trade Exhibition provides a great opportunity to showcase your latest technologies and innovations in helping those suffering from humanitarian crisis around the world. Not only will you be able make connections, but also raise awareness for organizations that are working tirelessly day-in and out making our communities more sustainable through recycling efforts or providing clean water supplies!

DIHAD Dubai aims to further evolve into a truly global event with a distinct yet appropriately-sized regional character. In keeping with Dubai’s strategic location between ‘East’ and ‘West’, its energetic entrepreneurial climate and diverse international character, DIHAD strives to provide a platform where assistance providers can interface with relevant actors from the corporate and governmental sectors with a view to creating meaningful synergies in support of those in need. DIHAD is an important event that helps to reconnect with our clients

The overall aim is pursued through three main tracks:

    • The transfer and sharing of knowledge through presentations
    • Debate and dialogue
    • The showcasing of new trends in operational support and supply services related to the assistance domain; and networking among local, regional and global players.

DIHAD Dubai is building on its emerging tradition, reputation and unique ‘one and only’ position within the region. The main elements of DIHAD are the conference, the exhibition and the interactive training sessions. These components are all part of an integrated concept that takes account of the latest trends and developments with the global assistance domain. Each year DIHADDubai  thus carries a new title which underscores the event’s specific focus and direction.

The Event hosts a variety of tracks like the Exhibition, the Conference and Workshops. It creates a forum for people of the humanitarian sector to interact, foster partnership, seek donors, share knowledge, gain information on the latest trends, know success stories of other humanitarian organizations, to know about new and effective products/ services launched in the market that would be beneficial for day to day activities.

DIHAD Dubai is the region’s leading event for International Humanitarian Aid and Development, providing a unique opportunity to learn about and discuss the latest challenges and developments in this field. The conference attracts key decision-makers from NGOs, UN Agencies, Charity Organisations and governmental bodies from across the Middle East, Africa and beyond, who come together to share knowledge, network and do business. If you are involved in or interested in humanitarian aid or development, make sure you don’t miss visiting DIHAD.

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