DWTC Dubai

13 Ways to Make Your Participation in DWTC Exhibitions Successful

Here is the Checklist:

1.  Exhibition Stand Space Booking
2.  Designing of Exhibition Stand
3.  Exhibit Stand Manufacturing Contracting
4.  Other Services Contracts
5.  Book Flights
6.  Book Hotel Rooms
7.  Selection of Employees for Stand
8.  Hiring of Professional Stand Representative

Is it complete? Cool! But a bad news is that the list is still incomplete. The biggest mistake that even an experienced exhibitor in Dubai makes is to expect the visitors, guests and attendees to come, start a conversation and gather information. For a successful show, your services also include letting people come to you. How? Here are 13 solutions to this, especially for the exhibitions organized in DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre).

  • Smile, positive attitude and welcoming behavior are dominant over your weeks’ long efforts in designing a stand.
  • Surprise visitors are just the icing on the cake. The actual visitors are the ones who come through your marketing, invitations and promotions.
  • Don’t let them walk by. Give them a good and interesting reason to come in.
  • If you are confused about your purpose of being on the show, how can you expect your attendees to get the right message? Be very clear.
  • Become not just a stand representative but a party host. Welcome them with all hail!
  • Don’t let your energy run out even in the microsecond of the day.
  • It is not necessary that everyone in your staff understands the value of an exhibition show. Make sure that you hire and select only those people who are fully aware of the exhibition show importance. Give them further training to strengthen your participation in a show. Make sure that they collect important information that will be needed in the office after the show.
  • The staff should not seem to be attending a glittery showbiz party. They should be uniformly and properly dressed.
  • If you have links with other companies who serve to represent your name, then select their people as well. Variety comes with excellence.
  • You can sell your products and services later. Focus on building relations with the attendees. Listen to them because they want to tell you their needs and desires.
  • Prepare a proper and linear system of getting the hot leads. Don’t let the leads run out of your hands just because the attendees were unable to understand their questions or satisfy them fully.
  • Not all relations are built in the exhibition shows. You are making relations in the café, in flight, in official dinners and in the shuttles etc. Remember that any relation can be built or destructed in these areas. From the time you step into the flight to the destination till the time you step back into the flight for home, you are just a representative of your company.
  • Enjoy. Have fun!

Some tips including ‘have-fun’ might sound just weird. But experience tells that a scowl faced arrogant person busy on his phone on the stand is never approached. Such behaviors lead to negative and destructive marketing only. Be positive on the show.

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