Large Double Deck Exhibition Stands

Large double deck exhibition stands builders in Dubai

Here at STROKES EXHIBITS, we believe in providing the best quality double deck stands for your exhibition needs. We provide 360-degree solutions for large-sized stands for exhibitions and trade fairs.

With years of experience providing quality exhibition stands to a wide range of businesses across different markets, we’re able to harness our comprehensive consultancy and project management expertise to produce cost-effective and visually striking stands that are tailored to your specific requirements.

We aim to maximize ROI and help you better allocate your budget, especially when it comes to big budget stands. We make our own stands, which allows us to easily source the right materials that meet your exhibiting goals and budget, while ensuring quality is followed and maintained.

Looking for something that will elicit a better response from your visitors and target audience through your exhibition booth? We have double deck exhibition stands that can be made with pre-engineered decks, stairs, and bridges, coupled with graphics, solid panels, and other accessories.

Our line of Double Deck Stands and Displays is built with pre-engineered elements that meet the standard requirements of convention centers, allowing for fast and easy assembly. Available in various shapes and sizes, these come with pre-engineered kits that give you an overview of the most commonly used stand sizes and the best exhibition solutions.

To use our large-sized double deck stands, you only need to select a stair design and deck size based on your purpose and requirements. Large double decks usually have a single stairway with a maximum capacity of 9 occupants. If you require a larger deck, based on this standard, it is recommended that you install more stairways.

We have in-house engineers who have broad knowledge and understanding of load calculations and structural drawings that comply with the safety parameters set by convention centers. Our team takes on the responsibility of securing the mandated approvals from event organisers and convention authorities. Also, we are equipped with a large-scale warehouse where multiple mock-ups of double deck stands are erected and tested before the actual build-up.

Constructing large double deck stands that pose no risk to people requires in-depth expertise and experience, which are qualities that we have obtained by constructing robust and sound huge double deck stands for exhibitions in the Dubai World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, and other renowned convention centers in the country and across the region.

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