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Exhibitions are unquestionably the best platform for industry experts to share information, businesses to grow and develop, and even to establish long-term business relationships. Trade shows and exhibition stand design & Installation have become an important part of promotion and marketing as markets have expanded and globalization has increased. Even a diverse range of conferences must include an exhibition component. In short, they are critical to a company’s overall growth and development.

Our dedicated, qualified team  have decades of of exhibition management experience in offering exceptional exhibition stand design and installation services to make it stress-free working environment.The Strokes Exhibits team attends safety and health sessions on a regular basis and this adds to their understanding of how to construct or install exhibition stands in a safe, timely, and professional manner.

We provide a comprehensive service, from exhibition stand design to installation, and we will help you take your business to the next level regardless of your exhibiting experience, requirements, or budget. We collaborate with you from concept to completion to create an exhibition stand that represents your brand and provides your clients with a one-of-a-kind experience. Our creative exhibition stand designs help our clients gain maximum exposure for their products and services, and our professional exhibition stand management services help them leave a lasting impression on their customers.

When you first start planning your exhibit, you must reserve floor space. After that, you must ensure that your booth utilizes all of the available floor space so that the exhibit looks great. In Stroke Exhibits, our installers collaborate with our designers, project managers, and exhibition stand manufacturers. One of our experienced project managers will be your primary point of contact from the start. This individual is in charge of ongoing design development, show administration and installation. We pre-build your exhibit days or weeks before the show to ensure quality, fit, and appearance. Our Exhibition Stand Design and Installation  team ensures that the stand construction and management for your project run smoothly and that your trade show is a success for your team.

At Strokes Exhibits, our team is much uniform and we can easily transport stands at any exhibition hall for the installation and post-show, for disassembling. We work with all the key Exhibition management companies in Dubai, UAE and all over the Middle East. We are well informed about all the show centers in the region.Our project managers will thoroughly research your products and services to determine the best way to present them. We will listen to your needs, understand your company’s exhibiting requirements, and provide special bespoke exhibition stand services tailored to your goals.


How do you set up an exhibition stand ?

  An exhibition requires planning, design skills, and team work. For new exhibitors and seasoned pro’s alike exhibiting at an event or trade show can be a stressful experience, and a major part of that stress often comes from the installation of an exhibition stand.

In installing a an exhibition stand, the vast majority of people have little to no experience. This can also be a lot of work depending on the size of your stand and the equipments involved.

Those who opt for installing and dismantling their exhibition stand with the help of a specialist exhibition stand contractor needn’t worry about exhibition stand installation. 

Exhibition stand installation requires a lot of pre-planning, right from shipping it to the fairground to dismantling and transporting it back. 

With Strokes Exhibits Dubai at your side, you can freely focus on your promotion strategies and leave stand set up with us. Our team of experts will not only help you successfully set up your stand at the event but will also be dismantling it after the expo.

To reduce your labor cost we also have exhibition stands that require just few skilled workers to assemble and disassemble it without tools. As one of the top-rated stand designers in the UAE, we take over the entire logistics for you and ensure timely delivery. We guarantee a professional set up and dismantling at your fixed time.

What makes a good exhibition stand ?

 If you want to capture the attention of attendees and create meaningful conversations between a brand and its target audience you need to look into factors like the overall concept, product displays, lighting, offers and events, lead-capturing processes and more into the design and installation of an exhibition stand.

What is stand design ?

 Your stand design effectively communicates the motto of your company and reflects the key message of your brand. To promote your brand, get your business moving and generate high footfall in your stand during an exhibition you need to choose a clever exhibition stand design.

Are portable stands easy to install ?

  Exhibitors with portable display stands can do it all by themselves. Sounds overwhelming? Portable exhibition stands are designed in such a way that it can be assembled easily. Having said that, to reduce your trade show stress, it’s always best to be prepared. Make sure everything is where it should be and get yourself familiar with your exhibiting space beforehand to avoid any confusion at the time of the installation.

Make sure to have a practice run at setting up all of your stand equipment before the exhibition. This will also ensure you have the right tools needed in your exhibition kit. You will need to know how to assemble everything you are going to have on your stand like lights or technological elements, display products, promotional counters, accessories, including iPad stands and literature stands.

Make sure all the lightbulbs are working and have spares available with you. You also need to know how to link them to monitor screens, and that they are fully charged. You don’t want to see your IT not working during the exhibition.

Are there any venue rules to be followed for exhibition stand installation ?

 To ensure the safety of visitors and exhibitors during the event most event venues have rules and regulations in place. These rules might vary from height limitations to hanging display specifications. Prior to investing in a display stand it’s important that you ask for venue guidelines. That way you can ensure that your planned exhibition stand is compliant with the rules and that you’re not spending money on a display that can’t be used. You must also check if there are any restrictions on the stand size, power supply or permitted electrical equipment and other equipment allowed. You need to make sure that what you want is acceptable by the venue before you finalise the details of your stand.

Before starting to set up your trade show stand it’s also a good idea to check the venue. You can also see if it is possible to set up a day or two before the event starts.

Is it possible to install bespoke and custom exhibition stands without any professional help ?

 Bespoke and custom exhibition stands are slightly more intricate and confusing to assemble and hence it is best to outsource a professional exhibition stand installation team in Dubai. 

On the contrary, portable displays like a pop-up exhibition stand, a roller banner or a fabric back wall can be assembled all by yourself. To speed up the process it’s worth setting roles within your team.

To get your display assembled more efficiently have one or two people responsible for setting up the exhibition and one of two other people in charge of free gifts and leaflets.

Is there any health and safety measures to be followed during installation ?

 There are different assembly requirements for exhibition stands and display equipment, so make sure you have the right number of staff for setting up.

For instance, all it takes is a single person to install a roller banner, but it requires more people to install a bespoke and modular exhibition stands. If you are getting the help of a professional exhibition stand company, they will know all these measures.

Is there any need for an exhibition emergency kit during stand installation ?

 To set up your exhibition stand you need to make sure you have the correct tools needed. While portable displays have a tool-free assembly, it’s important you double check before you leave for your exhibition. To make sure you’re covered for all eventualities taking an emergency exhibition kit with you is a great idea.

Is it easy to dismantle an exhibition stand installation ?

 After taking part in an exhibition that extends to multiple long days, when it’s finally over the first thing you’ll want to do is pack away as quickly as possible. And most issues arise while rushing to take down an exhibition stand; there have been instances of stands getting damaged or parts going missing. To avoid this take the same approach to disassembly as you would to assembly. To maximise efficiency, give staff set roles.   

How long does it take to install a stand ?

 It depends on the size and structure of the stand and whether you are doing it all by yourself or getting the help of an expert exhibition stand contractor. If you have access to the venue a day before, you can start setting up early. Also, make sure how late you can stay at the venue. We would recommend that you arrive as early as possible and start the installation process so that you will have enough time left rather than rushing to finish it. An expert exhibition stand company can do it in a matter of hours because they have the experience and expertise to undertake the work.

Apart from installation will exhibition stand contractors be responsible for transportation and dismantling as well ?

 A reputed exhibition company in Dubai will give an all-inclusive service to their clients. They can be trusted to get the job done right the first time and will be responsible for transportation and setting up the installation and after, when the exhibition is over, will ensure it is all dismantled correctly. They may even have storage facilities, or can transport it to client’s premises.

Who is involved in exhibition stand installation ?

 At Strokes Exhibits we have experts who are fully-trained and experienced in building high-quality displays that are durable, effective, and fit for purpose. We can guarantee our clients’ complete satisfaction until the final outcome, because we know how important an exhibition stand can be for portraying a company’s commercial image, branding and message.

Is there any safety measures to be followed during stand installation ?

 If your staff is setting up the stand you need to take their health and safety into consideration. To put up a display stand safely you need to ensure you have the right number of people onboard. One person can put up a roller banner, but a larger fabric display stand would need at least two people. Invest in a folding trolley if you have a lot of heavy equipment to move. This would simplify the transportation of heavy goods. It’s a good idea to have a basic exhibition stand emergency kit with you.

Does Strokes Exhibits provide holistic exhibition stand installation services in-house ?

 We provide anything from custom and modular exhibition stands to portable display solutions, like pop up stands, roller banners and portable counters. We offer a full exhibition stand installation and dismantling service.

Why choose Strokes Exhibits for exhibition stall installation ?

 · We design and install stand according to your specifications

·     We offer an exhaustive range of design, construction, and installation options

·     Our focus is quality execution 

·     We undertake transportation and installation of the stand

·     Flexibility

·     We stick to deadlines!

We offer cost-effective and flexible service to achieve the best possible result for an exhibition. We have been installing high-quality bespoke exhibition stands, and portable display items with signage and graphics for our clients for two decades. We have the backing of a highly qualified professional team in-house who can install and construct any exhibition stand for any venue based on the drawings that have been designed from the brief given by the clients, bringing about results that offer the maximum impact for their brand.

Our long-standing experience in exhibition stand instillation enable us to anticipate any issues that may arise during the course and take the appropriate measures to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our clients need to concentrate only on the actual event and participation and not about the exhibition installation itself!

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