Why Strokes Exhibits is the Best Trade Show Contractor in Dubai?

Strokes Exhibits offers trade show displays in Dubai

Finest trade show displays that best reveal your image of brand

Looking to generate buzz for your business within a tight budget? You will surely want to explore the edges of your brand but within your budget, in regards to exhibit trade show. You can get compact and small or huge display stands. With our number of display systems, you can try with or can even experiment to sort out the finest trade show displays that best reveal your image of brand. 

3 Exhibit Display options that will make your booth stand out

  • Portable Trade Show Displays: These are available in numerous shapes, sizes and according to costs; these display systems of trade shows are easily moveable and set up, as well as easy on your budget. These are much tailored for wide range of different trade shows; include pop up, panels, floor displays and tabletops.
  • Pop up Displays: These are movable and lightweight; these displays are designed in a way to fit in a case of single roll. The basic display pop up stands comprises of frame made of aluminum, Velcro loops, magnetic strips or fabric panels.
  • Fabric Displays: It’s very easy to setup these displays and these can be easily altered to add appealing texts and photographic images. Twisting or stretching fabric also helps to make 3D effects, which is appealing in look to attract trade show visitors.
  • The benefits of choosing the Best Trade Show Contractor in Dubai

Strokes Exhibits offers highly attractive, high quality trade show displays, top of the line trade show essentials like portable trade show displays, pop up displays, fabric displays, trade show banners, hanging sings, and so on. We work around your budget without sacrificing appeal, quality, and relevance. Strokes aim to help boost your brand’s competitive edge with cost-effective graphic elements that will effectively convey your message to your target market. We can help you select the best option according to your specifications and the type of trade show or event for which you will be using the display system.

In need of a Trade Show Contractor in Dubai? Look no further than Strokes Exhibits!

Strokes Dubai is rated as the Best Trade Show Contractor in Dubai. We provide turnkey solutions for exhibitions, events and interiors. We specialize in the design, build and management of bespoke events and environments. We offer a complete range of services to our clients including, but not limited to, project management, design, fabrication, logistics, on-site support and event management. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Our clients can be assured that we will exceed their expectations and deliver a truly world-class experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a memorable event or exhibition.


What are the benefits of a trade show display?

It helps to generate valuable leads

When compared to a typical setup a standout trade show display attracts much more attention from people who are a great fit for your services and products.

An opportunity to meet prospects in person

Meeting prospects in person is powerful even though lead generation often happens online. A trade show display will help you attain this goal. For conversations that eventually lead to sales your display can be a compelling starting point.

A high return on investment

Yes, displays can be pricey and trade shows are expensive. But you can generate more leads with an informative and eye-catching display. Your ROI will increase as more of these leads convert.

What is maintenance and refurbishment of your trade show display?

To ensure your display stays in good condition and useable for years to come all its components should be inspected, cleaned, detailed and have ongoing maintenance. After the display returns from your shows the inspection will allow you to determine necessary repairs and make sure all parts and pieces are present. Shipping takes its toll on your components and regular usage will cause normal wear and tear of your displays. To ensure that your displays are in top condition and are ready for your next show you must initiate the refurbishing process.

Can we install and dismantle our displays at a trade show?

Since it depends on the show the answer is yes and no. We list out some generic rules:

You can easily set up and dismantle portable type displays that don’t require tools or you getting on a ladder. Large scale displays that require tools and ladders have limitations. Hence it is best to appoint an exhibition stand contractor.

How to choose a trade show display?

You’ll want to shop around to see what kind of trade shows are available before you decide on renting or owning a trade show display. 

a.) Research your display options.

There are many options available in the market and it’s essential to take your trade show display shopping offline. To better understand what you want you can attend other trade shows and observe what your competitors are doing.

Since there are a multitude of trade show displays available today it is not easy to make a decision by looking solely at websites. So, pay attention to the types of exhibits that attract your eye at trade shows. Closely watch your competitors and try to outshine them.

b.) Consider your restrictions and needs.

To avoid wasting your money consider your restrictions and needs before you start thinking about what type of displays you want. Any type of trade show display has its pros and cons. Make your choice after taking your budget into consideration.

c.) Communicate with vendors.

Choosing a trade show display system itself can be challenging with so many options to consider. To your prospective trade show designer explain your goals and budget. See all the options and make suggestions that fit your needs.

Go for an exhibition stand contractor who best fits your needs. Don’t opt for any vendor but establish a relationship with a company that wants to be your partner. For the success of your trade show your exhibit house has to understand your needs and evolve with you as your business grows.

Questions you need to ask before you buy your trade show display?

If you are thinking about purchasing or renting a display system, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are our goals of trade show participation?
  • What size(s) of exhibit space are you planning to use?
  • How many times are you planning to exhibit per year?
  • What is our budget for the trade show display?
  • Who will be fabricating and dismantling the display?
  • How do I want to market my products or services?
  • Should I rent or buy a trade show display?
  • Does this vendor understand our needs, or are they just trying to make profit for themselves?
  • Does this vendor provide all services in-house or outsource it all?
  • Does this exhibition stand company offer graphic design services?

To get a better idea of your options research different vendors and the events you plan to attend. You will be able to figure out what kind of trade show display you need based on your research, along with your responses to these questions.

What is the difference between a general contractor and a trade show exhibit and design company?

The show’s management team hires general contractors and provide exhibitors services including furnishings, drayage, carpet cleaning, signage, electrical service, and in some cases labour. Exhibition booth companies work with businesses to design and physically produce the trade show exhibit. Many of them also offer services, including storage, shipping, install and dismantle of the exhibit at the event, furniture rentals, A/V rentals, and more.

What is material handling at a trade show?

The movement of your exhibit components between your carrier’s vehicle and your designated space at the trade show is known as material handling. Your materials are handled by exhibition booth contractors for a fee.

How to choose the best colour for your trade show display carpet?

To attract potential clients to your trade show display booth, choosing the right colour for your trade show carpet is important.

Here are some guidelines to choose the right carpet.

The colour of the carpet needs to match your company branding. It makes sense so that your company is more memorable. In case the colours don’t match your company branding, it will cause confusion for people visiting your booth.

Do you want the people visiting your booth to feel relaxed or energised or want to create a sophisticated or classy or fun look?  

Here are some fun facts about colours and the emotions they evoke:

Red. It is attention-grabbing and a powerful colour. Use it sparingly as it can also be associated with danger.

Orange. Orange is energetic and playful. However, very bright orange shade can come across as low-budget or harsh.

Yellow. This colour is cheerful and positive. However, make sure that your graphics are easily visible against the yellow background.

Green. This is a colour that’s usually associated with eco-friendly companies and products. It’s a versatile choice as it works well with many other colours.

Blue. This colour represent serenity. It works well if you want to represent trust and stability and is gentle on the eyes. However, make sure not to pair it with strong colours as it can produce too much visual noise that can be confusing or distracting to people.

Black. A classic colour that represents sophistication, black works well with a variety of other colours. However, it might disappear in the crowd as it can get too dark.



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