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Strokes Advertising LLC

Strokes Advertising LLC is a boutique brand communication agency offering comprehensive services across broad spectrum of off line as well as online media landscape.

Strokes Advertising is highly committed for the positioning of your brand building workouts. We always make it sure to have a proper plan before starting a work. In the first step we have to conduct a detail research to list down issues and that will be specifically related with your industry and business. Once we sort out the parameters in which we are moving, we will have a detail discussion with you to get direction about your vision.

By lining up all our conducted research we will be able to lay down the personality, promise and essence of your brand for your targeted consumers. This works as an operational launch pad to initiate the brand building process. By laying down a transparent blue print you will be assured that every penny you are going to spend on brand communication returns back in shape of corporate strategy and objective.

Following are few objectives for which key brand benefit have to live up:

The benefit has to be relevant and important for the targeted audience (s).
Your company should have sustainable and distinct capabilities that enable you to convey against benefits.
You should be unique in your competition as you have not offer same promises to make a quality edge on competition.
Along with uniqueness, the benefits which you are offering must be motivating, engaging, believable and comprehensible.
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