Exhibition Booth Design Dubai

Exhibition booth design Dubai

Strokes Exhibits has been building Exhibition booth designs in Dubai for over 20 years now and clients always have an expectation to have award-winning exhibition stand designs and that’s why we are striving every day. We are feeling pride in offering cutting-edge materials and having green resources. Finally, the result is an outstanding exhibit booth design that attains the client’s objectives and it also helps to be the talk of the show. Each and every exhibition booth design concept’s primary objective is to properly communicate the message of its brand and to resolve the challenges of clients. The second objective is to develop a design that will have an edge over the competition by integrating graphic materials, elements and lighting that should be exceptional.

Our exhibition booth design dubai should engage your customers by immersing them in your marketing content, product experience, and most importantly brand values. We take the time to understand your company by closely inspecting your products, interacting with your services, and speaking with you and your staff so that your passion for who you are and what you want to achieve as an organization is reflected in the exhibition booth designed for you. People should stop by your booth to see what you have to offer. Make certain that you are doing everything correctly when planning the appearance of the stand.

Effective booth design can help you generate more leads and create a bigger buzz about your company. Your booth should be the one that everyone at the show is talking about and that the media is covering. Simply make wise investments to make your booth as appealing and distinct as possible. When working on exhibition stand design, you must ensure that your booth works for you. This means you’ll need an exhibition booth to get people to sit up and notice what you have to offer. It should be appealing enough to catch people’s attention while also being detailed enough to explain what your company is all about to those passing by. This can be accomplished by speaking with the vendor from whom you are purchasing or renting the booth. They will be in charge of making your booth look sharp enough to make use of every square inch of space.

Here are five reasons why your exhibition stand should be one-of-a-kind:

  • It should highlight your uniqueness and make your brand stand out.
  • It needs to grab greater attention of the exhibitors for your event to be a success
  • It all comes down to creating a favourable impression of your brand.
  • If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should not blend in with the other exhibitors.
  • The more you invest in creating a one-of-a-kind booth exhibition stand, the better your chances of obtaining more business leads.

At Strokes Exhibits, we aim to offer cost-effective exhibition stand designs in Dubai that exceed client expectations. With a talented and qualified team of designers, architects and specialists we bring creative, innovative, and cost-effective exhibition booth design solutions to our clients. Our striking and unique booth designs help to increase footfall. We strive to deliver a consistent and professional experience that is rich and interactive for anyone visiting the Exhibition booth.


How to make your trade show stands and displays more inviting ?

   a.) Invest in a well-lit display design: An exhibition booth display design with good lighting is much more inviting than a dingy one. In an exhibition booth stand that is bright and well-lit, visitors and booth staff will feel more comfortable and motivated to spend time.  

b.) Add live plants: Adding plants to your booth will make it look warm and welcoming. At your information desk place a good flower vase and at your lounges you can add flower beds. They will make people feel relaxed and welcome.

c.) Hire the dream team: Visitors always remember how the staff at trade show stands behaved even if they forget about event booth design or display products. So, make sure to select the best people to man your stand. They have to be pleasant to interact with. Make sure to rope in people who are genuinely interested in solving customer queries.

d.) Declutter your graphics and design: People generally avoid stands that look too busy or cluttered. It might make them uncomfortable and even confuse the visitor, and they won’t be able to recollect anything. So, always make your message simple and clear. 

e.) If you have a large stand have an F&B service: If your portable exhibition display is large you can invest in a hospitality counter. You can have some tea, coffee or cold beverages with some finger food. This way you can make people spend more time in your exhibition stand. You will be able to have meaningful conversations as they will be more relaxed.

How to design effective and attractive exhibition graphics for your promotional banners and displays ?

  Make them as big as possible: For your graphical communication use the entire breadth and height of your exhibition space design. The trend is to have large format graphic prints, which are more attractive, communicative and impressive.

Big does not mean too much content: Make your communication condensed, simple and clear. There is no need to display your entire product catalogue on your banner booth. Instead, add a few pertinent questions that would woo customer into your booth, and be well equipped to solve their problems or queries.

What important questions you should ask your custom design stand companies ?

  It’s best to trust the experts when it comes to custom modular exhibition stands, but with caution. To ensure that the booth design company is on track with the production of your innovative exhibition stands you should always ask the right questions. Here are some important questions.

Ask for structure details: Exhibition graphics materials, design stall material used, colour shades and samples.

Graphic type and sizes 

Logo file: 3D logo file, front-lit logo file, and print logo file.

Product display dimensions, if any.

Furniture catalogue and seating plan. 

Pantry plan with lockable storages, several changing shelves, coat hangers, hooks, and dustbins.

Plan for light fixtures.

Approximate time for handover and built-up schedule.

Schedule for dismantling.

Contact details of onsite in-charge.

What are the most important elements that make a good exhibition booth design ?

  Booth designing is an art and the preferences of people may differ. However, to create the perfect 3d exhibition stall design that is in line with your brand and its requirements you need to keep in mind a few basic points. 

Have an inviting and open structure, that is welcoming.

To effectively communicate the brand message and other information make sure that you have enough exhibition graphics.

For displaying and highlighting your products make sure that you have enough space so that people can walk around them, feel them and if possible experience them.

Invest in good lighting as light is very important for visitor comfort at your creative exhibition stands.

At the aisle of your portable display stands have an attractive reception counter: This will guide people to your stand and help you manage the footfalls.

Most importantly, make sure that your exhibition booth design is in line with your brand guidelines and imagery.

How to finalize exhibition booth design amidst various exhibition design companies ?

  When you search ‘best exhibition stand design companies in Dubai’ you get over 100 options in a fraction of a second. Here are a few points to help you make your choice.

Know your budget: Work with mid-level exhibition design agencies if your budget is limited. They can add value to your brand and deliver within your budget. You can contact a big booth design company that is known for their path-breaking ideas if you have a large budget when it comes to exhibition booth stand designing.

Local agency vs big agency: For their 1st exhibition most clients go for a tried and tested agency, but over time, they switch to local agencies who understand them well. The main reason is that a big company will be dealing with too many clients, not giving good deals or prioritizing each exhibitor. You will miss that personal touch as they play by volume. It’s always better to choose a local mid-sized agency, which will be invested in your exhibition booth design.

Go through the company’s website: Since many business deals are happening online, websites play a very important role in understanding exhibition stand design. Today, most of the leading exhibition booth companies have an eye-catching and informative website that highlights their services. Shortlist the many options of exhibition booth design companies available in your area after a thorough research online.

Meet an expert: After shortlisting a few agencies via online search, you need to talk to an expert from the companies to understand their service, method, delivery and ease of communication. Make an informed decision that you will not regret after making your notes about the various exhibition stand companies.

What are the important dos and don'ts for creative exhibition stand design ?

  * Choose an experienced and reputed exhibition booth contractor for your exhibition booth design. 

* At the third rendering stage get everything very clear so that there are no expectation mismatches or false expectations.

* Make payments as per schedule mutually agreed by both the parties.

* Ask for mock-up pictures of the exhibition booth design as well as sample prints if needed.

* Give your stand design company enough production time.

* Give the correct dimensions to your exhibiton booth designer in the case of a product display.

* Make a checklist of all the important things you want at your booth, from flowers and dustbins to the essentials like furniture, light, graphics etc.

* Ask for show services like rigging, electricity, labour from your booth design company.

* The day before the show starts check all audio-visual content.



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