Small & Medium Exhibition Stands

Small & Medium Exhibition Stands


While selecting space for Small & Medium Exhibition Stands, you have to keep in mind one important thing to look and stand out different from the all other exhibitors. Our highly dedicated team of extremely creative and qualified designers may help you to create award winning exhibition stands in shell schemes areas and small exhibition spaces.

We can achieve this with our eye catching graphics for stands having extraordinary potential for participant visitors and well presented with the layout of stand. Strokes Exhibits is offering a wide range of customized stand options for the exhibitors having Small & Medium Exhibition Stands.

We are also offering wide range of pop-ups and banner stand systems for the exhibitors having limited budget. Whatever objective you have to achieve from exhibiting and stand space, Strokes Exhibits can help you to maximize the opportunity with dynamic and creative stand design and effective usage of exhibition graphics for your small and Medium exhibition stands

Our small and medium exhibition stands solutions are perfect for companies who are looking for cost effective options. With our team of experts, we will help you create a stand that is sure to draw attention and help you make a lasting impression on potential customers.

When designing a small or medium-sized exhibition stand, it is important to keep the following design parameters in mind:

Maximise functionality using available space

When designing an exhibition stand, it is important to make use of all the space available in order to maximise functionality. This can be done by using long points, which are narrow strips of space that run the length of the stand. These can be used to display products or information, or to create a walkway down the middle of the stand. By using long points, you can make the most of the space available and ensure that your stand is as functional as possible.

Strong Branding visible from all sides of the hall

There are a few things you can do to make your small or medium stand more visible from all points in the hall. One is to use hanging truss from the roof  that will catch the eye from a distance.Or use large banner or sign, or a series of flags or poles with brightly coloured fabric streaming from them. Another idea is to use light to create a focal point; for example, suspending a large lamp or spotlight over your stand. Whatever you choose, make sure it is eye-catching and consistent with your branding.

Use light furnitures to save space

When designing for a small or medium exhibition stand, consider using light furniture which can save space. This will help to make the most of the available area and create a more effective display.

Cost Effective Solutions

When designing for small and medium exhibition stands, it is important to consider the use of materials and design elements that are cost effective. By using cost effective materials, you still can create an eye-catching stand that that are budget friendly.

Designing for small and medium exhibition stands can be a challenge, but with some careful planning it can be done without breaking the bank. One way to keep costs down is to use materials that are readily available and easy to work with. Plywood is a good example of this – it’s affordable, versatile, and easy to cut and assemble. Another cost-effective option is fabric displays. They’re lightweight and can be easily transported, making them a good choice for exhibitors who need to move their stand around often. And finally, when it comes to lighting, LED lights are a great choice because they’re energy-efficient and long-lasting.


What are shell schemes ?

  If you’ve booked a shell scheme for an expo it means you have hired a framework, which will be used to promote your company, its products or services. 

Think of it as a blank canvas, a white room, that you need to dress up to project your brand.

It is an interchangeable modular stand system supplied to exhibitions. A shell scheme stand can be built to almost any size but they generally come in one-meter modules. Shell scheme stands are less than 20 square-meters in area and are usually built to be quite small. They are easily identifiable on the hall plans as they often have one to three open sides. You will find mostly shell schemes in some exhibitions.

How will I get noticed with shell schemes ?

Mostly shell scheme stands are arranged by organisers for exhibitors who have less than 20 square meters to put their stand up. These are very basic stands with basic walls, carpet tiles, and a company name board, but with a little extra effort they can be made to look much better. You can add furniture, AV, flowers, and lighting to make it look more attractive. This is very essential to grab visitors’ attention otherwise you will go unnoticed in an exhibition hall with rows of basic-looking shell scheme stands.

Are shell schemes a less expensive option ?

  Yes. They are a less expensive option for exhibiting. However, they can indeed bring that ‘wow’ factor to the exhibition floor. Let’s put it this way. Sometimes less is more to create the right impact!

What can I do with my shell scheme stand to make it more appealing ?

 There are plenty of options, ranging from posters and prints to graphic panels to create a dynamic look. At Strokes Exhibits we flood the walls with graphic panels, and build unique structures, making the shell scheme almost unrecognisable! By fixing shelves for product displays we can make the most of your shell scheme. For demonstrations we use AV and video looping. We can recreate your office space environment by setting up branded meeting areas. We love working on shell schemes as it provides us with the opportunity to help our clients make the most of their exhibition participation. With our shell scheme stands we make every penny count to produce a stand you can be proud of. We will ensure that you see the true value of exhibiting and a return on your investment.

How can I transform my shell scheme ?

  With the right planning before you head off to your exhibition. Study the space and where you’re going to put everything on your stand. To find out what works best for your company make sure to plan out different layouts. Every company, whether it’s a big corporate house or a small start-up, is different and each one will use its space differently.

You can use some furniture to see how your stand will look and plan it accordingly. It’s a small space and you don’t want to have all your things crammed into it. Your focus should be on utilising all the space efficiently with enough space available for potential customers to take a look at your products or have a chat with you. Planning the look of your stand is going to have a great impact on how it will look to your visitors.

Be well-organised: Having limited space at shell scheme stands means it is important to be tidy and well organized. At the same time your visitors should remember you for the right reasons. Everything you give out to your visitors, like leaflets, samples, business cards, and brochures should have your contact details and other relevant information about your company.

Pamphlets with promotional offers are more attractive than a catalogue that is exactly the same as any of the other catalogues your visitors will have picked up from the exhibition. You can also invest in promotional merchandise with your company branding such as USB charging banks, pens, branded chocolate, notepads and more.

Make your mark: Make the most of your stand. And for that you will have to encourage people to pause when they see your stand, and be interested in what you have to offer. At Strokes Exhibits we use seamless graphic panels, printed display stands, pop up, fabric display stands, promotional flags and even some branded bunting to make the right noise. To make the maximum visual impact we try to brand as many products as possible.

Light it up: You can really make your stand more attractive and inviting by adding a few bright wall lights to your stand. At Strokes Exhibits we use simple uplighters as well as LED Par Cans. These can really draw attention of visitors to your stand! We also add some eye-catching decoration, from plants and flowers, to create an inviting atmosphere. To create a comfortable meeting environment, we use soft furnishing and lounge seating.

If you would like to learn more about how to uplift your shell scheme from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’, we can share many ideas and tips. Get in touch with us today!

Shell scheme vs space only – What’s the difference ?

 A shell scheme stand, or a space only stand, these are the two options most exhibition organisers will give you for your display stand and space.

You can make a shell scheme stand more formal or informal, depending on the nature of the display you choose. At Strokes Exhibits we create bespoke solutions and design every graphic in house that encompass all of your shell scheme space.

Space only stands are a blank canvas where you rent only the floor space and have a free rein to use it as you wish. This option is for those looking for a more bespoke exhibition and want a custom-built stand which can be used at numerous exhibitions or business events. They offer greater scope for variety in the display than a shell scheme stand. However, preparation, planning, and budget for dressing a space only stand is greater than for the more prescriptive shell scheme stands.

A space only stand’s attraction is that you can use whatever materials, props and furniture you wish and design your display from scratch. They will stand out from the more repetitive and formulated shell scheme stands as they are custom-built, or semi-custom built giving a more professional and high-end impression.

This certainly comes at a cost, and it all depends on the budget. You will need a professional exhibition contractor to design a space only stand. At Strokes Exhibits we can cater to all aspects of the exhibition stand appearance and design. The end result will be a professional-looking and high-quality stand. However, this carries a financial overhead. But it will free your staff up to concentrate on the business of promoting your services and products.

Both exhibition stand options have their benefits. You can plan your display options depending on your aims and objectives you are trying to achieve from your trade show participation.







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