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Do you have plans to join a trade fair? Want to create a strong and identifiable presence for your brand and business? Creative, innovative and visually striking exhibition stands can help your business make a statement and stimulate awareness for your brand in the UAE market.

Welcome to Strokes Exhibits LLC! Strokes Exhibits LLC, is a live ISO 9001:2008 Certified Exhibition Stand Design & Fabrication Company that builds show stopper stands that are spectacular and high impact. We are an industry leading stand design and fabrication  company in Dubai with over 20 years’ experience in exhibition stand  in UAE as well as other countries across the world.

As a leading exhibition stand design and fabrication company in Dubai and the UAE, Strokes Exhibits has solidified its reputation for delivering the highest quality products, outstanding detail-oriented approach, timely delivery and comprehensive scope of exhibition stand services. Our team of professional exhibition stand design and fabrication always strive to understand the client’s needs, industry and target audience before designing and producing their design concept.

At Strokes Exhibits, we believe designing and fabrication exhibition stands involves more than the elements of structure, space and amazing graphic design. As a noted exhibition stand design and fabrication company, we aim to produce high impact brand communication for our clients, enabling them to create an exceptional and lasting impression amidst a cluttered and crowded exhibition event.

That is the pursuit we consistently strive to reach and deliver, as a professional exhibition stand contractor in Dubai.

Why Choose Our Company Among Exhibition Stand Design & Fabricators in Dubai, UAE?

As a premier exhibit stand company, unbeatable creativity, attention to detail, and passion for excellence are what we bring to the table. Our clients benefit from artistic and innovative stands that inspire, engage and move audiences to take action. Our mission has always been to deliver show-stopping exhibition stands that elicit a “Wow!” factor among clients and audiences, while facilitating live communication and customer engagement for our clientele in various trade fairs and events.

Weaving brand values with design concepts into our exhibition stand design and fabrication processes, our creative and branding team, along with our stand builders in Dubai, develop designs that communicate brand values and give the client design concepts that are relevant and aligned with their marketing goals.

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Exhibition Stand Design & Fabrication Company in Dubai

Business in the UAE is highly competitive, regardless of the field that you’ve chosen. This is why you have to seize every opportunity to impress.

Choosing the right exhibition stand design & fabricator will enable you to accomplish your exhibition participation goals:

Selecting & using the best materials: the quality of materials you’ll use can transform your exhibition display into exactly what you want it to be. Our experienced designers will provide unique and excellent ideas that will take your presentation to the next level.interactive social features is just one of the many things we can do for you.
The stands are reusable: when created using quality materials and branded professionally, exhibition stands will be reusable, offering both convenience and cost-efficiency.interactive social features is just one of the many things we can do for you.
As a Professional exhibition stand design & fabrication establishes your reputation: it’s very easy to spot the exhibition stands designed by amateurs. Investing in professional execution should be seen as an investment in your reputation and brand image. interactive social features is just one of the many things we can do for you.
Modern appeal: the stand’s design should easily incorporate technology for an innovative and even futuristic presentation. Using LCD screens and interactive social features is just one of the many things we can do for you.
What are You Waiting for?
Trade fairs give you an opportunity to grow your business and we’ll love to help you do efficient branding. Give us a call today to share your vision and to benefit from our experience.


What are exhibition stands made of?

Exhibition stands are made from a variety of materials, depending on the purpose of the stand and the budget of the exhibitor. Exhibition stands can be made from simple materials such as plywood or MDF, or more complex materials such as aluminum or steel. Exhibition stands can also be made from recycled materials, such as cardboard or plastic.

To elaborate further on the different types of materials that can be used for exhibition stands: Exhibition stand made from simple materials like plywood or MDF are usually more affordable, while those made from more complex materials like aluminum or steel tend to be more expensive. Exhibition stand made from recycled materials are often eco-friendly and cost-effective. 

What is the role of exhibition stand design and fabrication in the success of an exhibition?

Exhibition stand design and fabrication play an important role in the success of an exhibition. A well-designed and well-fabricated exhibition stand can help to create a strong and identifiable presence for your brand and business. Exhibition stands that are creative, innovative, and visually striking can help to stimulate awareness for your brand in the UAE market. Exhibition Stall Design and Fabrication has a special role to play when it comes to impressing visitors. One must remember that to reach people physically under one roof, taking part in exhibitions have always been the best strategy. That is invariably the reason why leading brands all over the world are keen on exhibiting their products across large scale platforms in the UAE. This is where expert and professional exhibition booth designers come into the picture.

At the hands of an expert exhibition stand design and fabrication company in Dubai, all brands can create the right image and reach a wider and more desirable audience. To make the right impact exhibition stall fabricators bring forth a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality. The top exhibition stand builders are adept at the latest styles and trends to woo maximum visitors to your stall.

What is the role of a professional stall designer in exhibition stand fabrication?

Exhibition stand designers play an important role in the exhibition stand fabrication process. Exhibition stands are designed to attract attention and create interest in your product or brand. Exhibition stand designers use a variety of techniques to create eye-catching designs that will capture the attention of visitors and make them want to learn more about your product or brand. Owing to their experience and wide standing exposure of working on designs for multiple industries a professional stand designer in Dubai can bring their unique design language to the fore, and amalgamate the experience into the project. A professional stand fabricator will adhere to client preferences, set budget as well as timeline in every single exhibition booth design project they take up.

Professional stand fabrication companies will have dedicated management teams at each stall destination. This kind of organised and systematic team work will result in efficient workflow.

An expert exhibition stand fabrication company will look into the little details, which can otherwise mar your presence in front of thousands, so there is no need to worry. Furthermore, hiring an expert exhibition stand fabrication company in Dubai will give you more time to focus on your business instead of worrying about exhibition details. By hiring an innovative exhibition stand fabrication expert, you will have an edge over your competitors.

Does Strokes Exhibits provide complete exhibition stand fabrication services?

Strokes Exhibits is a leading Exhibition Stand Fabrication company in Dubai, UAE. We offer complete Exhibition Stand Fabrication services for all types of exhibitions, trade shows, and events. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Exhibition Stand Designers, Exhibition Stand Builders, and Exhibition Stand Installers who can create custom Exhibition to final execution and delivery of the stand.

We undertake design, fabrication and dismantling of exhibition stands. We offer complete exhibition services, inclusive of exhibition stall design, fabrication, set-up, dismantling, graphics and advertising. Our in-house production team takes care of structural marketing, which includes exhibition planning and execution, production, and logistics.

Our team of skilled professionals has an in-depth knowledge of the Exhibition industry and can provide you with the Best Exhibition Stand Fabrication services that will meet your specific requirements.

We offer a one-stop solution for all your Exhibition Stand Fabrication needs. We understand the importance of time and deadline, and our team of Exhibition Stand Designers, Exhibition fabrictors provide solutions for Exhibition stand Installation in Dubai.

Strokes Exhibits is a name that you can trust for all your exhibition stand fabrication and stall decor needs. We are a leading exhibition stand fabrication company in Dubai with first-hand industry experience. We have the backing of highly qualified and dedicated team of experts who execute our projects. We provide international quality stands, and delivery them on time, always. Our quick turnaround time and stringent quality standards in exhibition stand fabrication facilitates a refine process where we invest time upfront to prioritise and organise as required.

We deliver the best possible solution for exhibition stall design and fabrication, typography needs, audiovisual requirements, mantling and dismantling of trade show exhibits, and much more.

Our international presence makes us handle exhibits of just about any size with ease. For more than two decades Strokes Exhibits have been involved in the fabrication of exquisite custom booths. We are well aware of the latest trade show trends and exhibition nuances that can give a big boost to your marketing programme.

Our highly skilled and innovative exhibit design team works closely with our clients to come up with custom displays with stunning graphics and interactive elements in a format that best suits all of your exhibition booth requirements. 

Why is exhibition stand fabrication so important when planning trade shows?

We use the latest Exhibition Stand Fabrication technologies and equipment to create custom Exhibition Stands that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Our Exhibition Stand Fabrication services include:

Exhibition Stall Design

Exhibition Stall Fabrication

Exhibition Stand Installation

Exhibition Stall Dismantling

Exhibition Graphics and Printing

The main purpose of an exhibition stand is to demonstrate the features of the exhibiting company and to draw attention of the visitors to its products.

For any company a stand at an exhibition is a business card. You can tell a lot about the owners by looking at the stand types and exhibition fabrication design. Hence, the leading companies known for famous brands try to make their exhibition structures as classy and appealing as possible because it is an extension of what they represent.

Any exhibition is a marketing tool of a company, with the ultimate goal to sell their products. The purpose of an exhibition stand is not just to attract visitors. What makes exhibition stand fabrication so important while planning a trade show is that it can make or break your exhibition participation. An exhibition stand fabrication is done with proper ergonomics in mind, and only then will visitors linger at your booth and are more likely to sign contracts.

What are the most popular exhibition stand fabrications?

 Exhibition stand fabricators in Dubai understand this and produce world-class stands for exhibitions.

Some of the most popular Exhibition Stand types are:

– Portable Exhibition Stands

– Modular Exhibition Stands

– Custom Exhibition Stands

– Exhibition Display Boards

The most popular Exhibition Stand Fabrication services in Dubai are:

– Graphic Design

When you visit an international exhibition you will find different types of exhibition stand fabrications you can possibly imagine.

Depending on the goals, companies choose different types of stands for an exhibition. The types of trade show booths may also depend on the size of the space in which they are going to exhibit.  

Please suggest a stand design for companies with limited budget?

  Exhibition stands for companies with limited budget can be designed in a variety of ways that will still be effective in promoting the company and its products. Some ideas for budget-friendly exhibition stand designs include:

– Use simple, clean lines and avoid too many frills or embellishments

– Stick to a neutral color palette – black, white

Modular stands: Often represented by a standard set of elements. No exclusive design. Emphasis on functionality. They can be easily assembled and also reused. Modular stands are a better option for companies with limited budget. 

Which type of stand should I choose if I want to make the maximum impact at a trade show?

 Exhibition stand fabricators will be able to advise you on the best type of stand for your needs and budget. Some things to consider when choosing a stand include:

– Your company’s branding and how you want to represent yourself at the exhibition

– The products or services you will be promoting

– The size and layout of the space you have

Custom exhibition stands. These are the most unusual exhibition stands. Gives freedom of choice to designers in the development of the project. Best to emphasize individuality of the company. Custom stands are fabricated using special technology, because of its unusual design. They are more expensive because of the unique materials used in its fabrication.

They are assembled like a construction set and are simple to assemble. Price can go up if the customer wants to use expensive or unusual materials.

Mixed types of booths are another best option when you have a limited budget but want to stand out among your competitors. A standard booth is added with an extra element to help make your brand unique at the event. The standard design is adjusted by staying within budget. While making you stand out from the crowd multimedia exhibition designs are also used while staying within the confines of a standard design. 

Which is the best option if I have time constraints?

  If you want to make an impact at a trade show but are limited on time, the best option is to choose a custom exhibition stand. Exhibition stand fabricators will be able to design and create a stand that is unique to your company and brand, and that will make you stand out among your competitors. Standard expo stands. If you have time constraints this is the best possible option. This can be built in no time. The exhibition fabrication company will show you several options and you can choose any one  

Apart from the standard exhibition booths want are the different types of exhibition stand displays available?

  Exhibition stand displays come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to suit any need or budget. Some common types of exhibition stand displays include:

– Pop-up displays

– Banner stands

– Exhibition display boards

– Portable exhibition stands

– Modular exhibition stands

– Custom exhibition stands

Portable exhibition stands are quite popular and play an important role in company marketing, especially in the B2C sector. They are most often found in a store, where promoters offer you to try new products.

Banner stands are best used at international exhibitions as a host for the main exhibition structure and are located somewhere in a crowded area. If you do not plan to present your products to potential clients at the exhibition itself you can use them to distribute printed advertising materials. They can also be used to inform visitors about the location of your main stand.

Cross-aisle booths are to divert attendee traffic to pass through your booth.

Multi-story exhibit will grab the attention of visitors because of its height and are more interesting construction. From a distance they will be noticeable.

For three-way access to your exposition Peninsula booth should be your choice. It will ensure contact with the maximum number of visitors.

The perfect solution for large exhibition spaces is Island booth.

For a small area in-line or linear booths are the best. Only one side of the construction will be used in this type of design.

In Corner booths two sides of the construction are used. For small stands they are ideal.

Vis-a-vis design is best suited for big budget stands in closed exhibition centres. Opposite to each other two separate constructions are built.

If you are planning to take part in an exhibition but still have difficulty deciding on which stand fabrication to choose from, Strokes Exhibits can help you make the right decision.  


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