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We Design & Build Your Exhibition Stands With Your Marketing Tools!

Strokes Exhibits offers exhibition stand fabrication services

Do you have plans to join a trade fair? Want to create a strong and identifiable presence for your brand and business? Creative, innovative and visually striking exhibition stands can help your business make a statement and stimulate awareness for your brand in the UAE market.

Welcome to Strokes Exhibits LLC! Strokes Exhibits LLC, is a live ISO 9001:2008 Certified Exhibition Stand Design & Fabrication Company that builds show stopper stands that are spectacular and high impact. We are an industry leading stand design company in UAE with over 12 years’ experience in stand building in UAE as well as other countries across the world.

As a leading exhibition stand design company in Dubai and the UAE, Strokes Exhibits has solidified its reputation for delivering the highest quality products, outstanding detail-oriented approach, timely delivery and comprehensive scope of exhibition stand services. Our team of professional exhibition stand builders in Dubai always strive to understand the client’s needs, industry and target audience before designing and producing their design concept.

At Strokes Exhibits, we believe designing and crafting exhibition stands involves more than the elements of structure, space and amazing graphic design. As a noted exhibition stand design company in Dubai, we aim to produce high impact brand communication for our clients, enabling them to create an exceptional and lasting impression amidst a cluttered and crowded exhibition event.

That is the pursuit we consistently strive to reach and deliver, as a professional exhibition stand contractor in Dubai.

Why Choose Our Company Among Exhibition Stand Builders in Dubai, UAE?

As a premier exhibit stand company, unbeatable creativity, attention to detail, and passion for excellence are what we bring to the table. Our clients benefit from artistic and innovative stands that inspire, engage and move audiences to take action. Our mission has always been to deliver show-stopping exhibition stands that elicit a “Wow!” factor among clients and audiences, while facilitating live communication and customer engagement for our clientele in various trade fairs and events.

Weaving brand values with design concepts into our exhibition stand design and manufacturing processes, our creative and branding team, along with our stand builders in Dubai, develop designs that communicate brand values and give the client design concepts that are relevant and aligned with their marketing goals.

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Exhibition Stand Company in Dubai

Business in the UAE is highly competitive, regardless of the field that you’ve chosen. This is why you have to seize every opportunity to impress.

Choosing the right exhibition stand contractor in Dubai will enable you to accomplish your exhibition participation goals:

Selecting & using the best materials: the quality of materials you’ll use can transform your exhibition display into exactly what you want it to be. Our experienced designers will provide unique and excellent ideas that will take your presentation to the next level.interactive social features is just one of the many things we can do for you.
The stands are reusable: when created using quality materials and branded professionally, exhibition stands will be reusable, offering both convenience and cost-efficiency.interactive social features is just one of the many things we can do for you.
Professional design establishes your reputation: it’s very easy to spot the exhibition stands designed by amateurs. Investing in professional execution should be seen as an investment in your reputation and brand image. interactive social features is just one of the many things we can do for you.
Modern appeal: the stand’s design should easily incorporate technology for an innovative and even futuristic presentation. Using LCD screens and interactive social features is just one of the many things we can do for you.
What are You Waiting for?
Trade fairs give you an opportunity to grow your business and we’ll love to help you do efficient branding. Give us a call today to share your vision and to benefit from our experience.

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