Custom Show Emirates

5 Top Reasons to Exhibit at Custom Show Emirates

Date: 01 – 03 March 2024
Venue: Expo City, Dubai

A hub for all car and bike lovers, the Custom Show Emirates is the leading automotive customisation exhibition in the Middle East region. Started in 2015 it provides car and bike enthusiasts a platform to get together in one place, showcase their talent and display their work to the public.

It has grown bigger and better over the years and currently serves as a platform for B2B and B2C participants, connecting suppliers, retailers and automotive manufacturers directly with buyers and end consumers by covering fields like tuning, styling, after-market products, vehicle safety, automotive cosmetic parts and mechanical spare parts.

For car and bike fans every edition of Custom Show Emirates generates a lot of anticipation and excitement. It brings several categories of vehicles under one roof and is an inclusive event. This annual event is attended by a large number of visitors and is frequented by many exhibitors. 

Highlighting the past and present of modified vehicles is the main purpose of the show. The event is all about appreciating the art and beauty of automobiles. The sport classic cars category is one of the most popular attractions of the show. 

The show is much more than just glitz and glamour. There are a lot of activities. A lowdown of some of them:

  1. Stalls

This event sees an exponential rise in the number of exhibitors who showcase their top customization products and services. An added advantage for visitors attending this event is that they can not only buy the products directly from the companies exhibiting them but also get some inspiration for their own projects. 

The show sees exhibitors from different parts of the world. The vast spaces of the venue are occupied by many local and international exhibitors from over 15 countries. Apart from the exhibitors and visitors, partners and sponsors also participate in this event.

  1. Competitions

During competitions, participants get a chance to showcase their customizing skills. Custom car competitions and biker build-offs are some of the challenges. And winners are given attractive prizes, which is indeed a great encouragement for all those with customizing skills to participate in such competitions. The winners also get an opportunity to participate in such shows held in other parts of the world and even represent their country.

  1. Shows

Lots of adrenaline-pumping action is part of the show, the most popular being 4×4 drifting, bike drifting, and stunt driving. Experts with special skills in leather works and other forms of customization give demonstrations, too. To watch them display their amazing skill is a spectacle indeed.

  1. Activities

At the Custom Show Emirates children can also have loads of fun. They get an opportunity to explore activities pertaining to different aspects of vehicles and educate themselves. There are entertainment zones for parents, too.

  1. Bikes and sand vehicles

The event will showcase more than a hundred different types of bikes and sand vehicles. Visitors can also learn a lot of tips from the builders of these custom bikes. At the show separate sections are dedicated to customized sand vehicles. For all those who love to venture out into the desert on these vehicles, it is a great delight.

A Look Back at the Previous Custom Show Emirates Exhibitions

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane… 


The first Custom Show Emirates held at ADNEC Abu Dhabi from March 26 to 28, 2015 was a huge success. It saw more than 100 locally customised vehicles being exhibited and around 35,000 visitors in attendance. 


The second Custom Show Emirates at Abu Dhabi saw the outdoor space of the arena being used as a drifting track. It had Japanese auto manufacturers along with American car makers showcasing their modified and classic cars. Toyota Supra modified by Shamsi got 2nd position because of its uniquely modified engine. Omani car modifying group secured the 3rd position. 


Held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, along with car and bike exhibitions, the show provided a platform to connect suppliers, retailers and buyers of modified cars. The major attractions were 4WD and saloon drifting, live customisation, bike parades, and stunt driving.


Customised motorbikes were a major attraction at this edition held at the National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi. It saw 70 international participants from 17 different countries and around 30,000 visitors. 


Held at the Dubai World Trade Centre the show became a major entertainment arena for car enthusiasts. The major attractions for visitors were stunt driving, custom sand vehicles and real-time bike building.  


The 6thCustom Show Emirates amazed automotive enthusiasts with an array of customised vehicles. After the success of five previous events, the Custom Show has widened its horizon from exhibiting vehicles to car sales. 

Advantage exhibitors

Modified car

Exhibitors can display their vehicles within the venue at different locations. 

The latest edition saw around 170 exhibitors from 17 different countries participating in the event. For exhibitors two different types of spaces were available.


  1. Bare Space: A three-sided open space to display vehicles. 
  2. Shell Scheme: Covered cubicle space lined with carpet.   


For booking spaces every exhibitor has to fill out a form available at the Custom Emirates Show website. Once a space is allocated, exhibitors are required to sign an official contract and pay a security cheque, which will be returned to exhibitors within 3 working weeks post-event. 


Visitors can book their passes online from the Dubai World Trade Centre’s official website. 


Biker Off: Exhibitors in this competition have to fabricate a completely operational motorbike. These bikes will participate in a bike rally, and the winner will be selected by visitors!

Engines Battle: Exhibitors have to assemble an engine in this three-day competition. Engines with higher torque will be the winner. 

Saloon Drifting: On all three days of the event drifting competition is arranged for the visitors. 

Drifting car

Stunts and drift are performed by professional drivers at the show

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