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6 Secrets about Business Networking at GITEX Exhibition Dubai

The goal of the GITEX Exhibition Dubai, organized at DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre) is not just to increase sales leads. According to many companies building a strong network with other participants is as necessary as gaining sales from prospective clients attending the exhibition. When you plan and design your trade show stand at an exhibition, you can also plan for different opportunities to build a strong network and increasing your brand awareness as well as recognition by prospective clients.

Go Through Exhibitors List

Once you book your exhibition stand you will be given a detailed list of all the exhibitors of GITEX Exhibition Dubai as well as a map containing the exhibition layout. In order to get more and more benefits from different networking opportunities, carefully go through the list of exhibitors. Highlights the exhibitors you think can provide you benefit and you must have to meet them especially at the exhibition.

Contact GITEX Exhibitors Before Exhibition

Make a contact with the participants before the GITEX Exhibition Dubai. Networking is all about building strong relationship with others in the same industry. Take an advantage of the exhibitors list and contact with different exhibitors before the exhibition. By this way the exhibitors will remember you when you go to meet them on the day of the event and will help you build strong relationships.

Set Up Before Time and Try to Stay Late

Reach your destination before time and set your exhibition stands as quickly as you can. Once the exhibition timing ends, take out some time for networking with different exhibitors. It is better to take an advantage of the exhibition designed company to dismantle your exhibition stand – this will leave you and the staff free for networking during the stand building process.

Explore Mutually Advantageous Relationships

Exhibitions to offer unique and attractive opportunities to meet up, different industry experts and professionals. In an exhibition you will get a chance to meet other entrepreneurs, who have any direct or indirect relationship with your company, use your service or product or your competitors. You can also by creating a joint venture offer your clients a complete package with different participants at the exhibition.

Walk the Exhibition Too

The goal of many exhibitors is to generate sales with the prospective clients who visited the exhibition. Whereas this is a significant feature of taking part in an exhibition, take a round of the exhibition by yourself as well. By this way you can easily judge how other participants are promoting and marketing their goods. You can get different ideas from the competitors. Visit different stands, talk to different exhibitors and exchange your business cards.

Take Follow Up

The most essential thing after an exhibition is to take follow up with all the exhibitors you make connections with at the exhibition. Also follow up with promotion or marketing tools the company has generated by the sales leads through the trade show stand. Build personal relations with these exhibitors so that they will know you really care of the networking converse you have made at the exhibition.

GITEX Exhibition Dubai is a great opportunity to explore business partnerships

-GITEX is a great opportunity to explore business partnerships with companies from all over the world.
-You can find businesses in a wide variety of industries at GITEX, so there’s sure to be one that would be a good fit for your company.
-Attending GITEX can help you build relationships with potential partners, and it’s also a great opportunity to learn about new technologies and trends.

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