Exhibitions in Dubai

7 Easiest Survival Tips for an Exhibition in Dubai

Exhibitions in Dubai can be terribly hectic. You might need to spend more than 12 hours daily for several months to plan a successful event. Just like continuous exercise for several months, this is also a stamina test. But when easy solutions are there, then why make life tough for you?

1-      Divide Load Portions

Exhibition planning and designing in Dubai needs continuous energy and stamina, which anyone can easily lose because of the work load. On the other hand, two or three people cannot excel all the skills required for exhibition planning. The trick is to divide the work load according to effective, influential and skillful people of the company. If someone has good contacts with transport service providers, then give him logistics operations.

2-      Give More Than One Stand

People stop at those stands where they find greater and clearer information. Don’t try to put all your materials at one stand wall only. Always associate a small stand with your main stand. Put main information materials on the main stand and deeper or more information materials on the other stand.

3-      Go Comfortable

We all know that those 7 inch heels of the ramp model cannot let us easily serve on the stand. On the other hand, an old pair of pants which no more suits your new fitting will keep you tucking your belly here and there. Your presentation is important but don’t go off your comfort.

4-      Keep Talking

We all have heard that ‘stop talking’ warning in the school. But for exhibitions, you have to keep talking. Chatting with the colleagues or hiding behind the stand to avoid new people is definitely a failure at Exhibitions in Dubai. Even if your stand is not attractive or your products do not deal with everyday living, yet you can achieve your exhibition goals simply by attracting people with a pleasant smile and demonstrating them with friendly tone. Start conversation by all means.

5-      Refresh Yourself Repeatedly

Have you ever been on 3 hour show shoot? The host has to keep himself refreshed so he takes mini breaks. Divide your work load with the people on the stand so that everyone gets those mini breaks. Keep the refreshing stuff with you like snacks, lemonades and water etc. Of course you should not be seen munching on the stand therefore make a separate small curtained area on the stand for this purpose.

6-      Don’t Forget the Old Clients

People love to be valued by the brands. Invite your old clients by SMS, email, tweets or phone calls. When attendees see your stand crowded with guests, they will automatically come to you.

7-      The Hard and Fast Rule – Follow Up

Don’t let your prospects go off your hands. As a hard and fast rule, follow up is the biggest marketing tool after the Exhibitions in Dubai. Your prospects and leads have met many people in the exhibition and they will soon start losing interest. Follow up immediately so that you can fix appointments and turn them into your quality clients.


In conclusion, Exhibitions in Dubai are some of the largest and most prestigious in the world. If you’re lucky enough to be exhibiting at one, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your experience is a success. First and foremost, remember that first impressions count. Your stand should be eye-catching and professional, and your staff should be welcoming and knowledgeable. Secondly, make sure you’re prepared for the heat. Dubai can be extremely hot, so make sure you have plenty of water on hand and take breaks often. Finally, don’t forget to network! Exhibitions are a great opportunity to meet new people and make valuable contacts, so make the most of it. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a successful exhibition in Dubai.

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