Creating an Exhibition Marketing Budget

A Guide To Winning Exhibition Stand Design

Human psyche is attracted to open and welcoming spaces and this holds true for exhibition stand designs too. It is very unlikely that visitors will walk in to a space where every available inch is used to display or sell the wares. Such a stand sends out wrong signals. It wouldn’t exude a confidence and composure of a well laid out open design. People would feel that saying too much is really having less when it comes to real life performances of the product or service displayed.

Ideally , therefore, a design has to be a:

  • Open and welcoming with judicious use of light and colour
  • Pertains to the corporate image of the brand
  • Has attributes that help build the image of the brand or product
  • Has an aesthetic appeal that is in lieu with the industry
  • Responsive to the needs of the visitor for eg has a space to confer
  • Is balanced with the right amount of free space and display stands and props allowing multiple points of contact with visitors
  • Is innovative in its approach of displaying the products and services
  • Is able to build on the recent happenings in the industry
  • Highlights USP of  the product or service with assistive marketing tools like presentations
  • Has creative ingenuity that makes the difference

Easy to put in words but difficult to execute. This is where the importance of a creative, experienced and knowledgeable team, comes into focus. An exhibition is an event that has to translate into figures for the marketing team. Footfalls or visitors to the event aren’t the barometer for to gauge the success of participation. How many real enquiries or deals is what matters.

Professionals with knowledge of the TGA(target segment) make the vital difference to the design of any exhibition stand. A team that has its ear to the ground, can change and adapt to the changing global scenario where tastes and perception tend to change ever too frequently. Many a time, we see top brands being pushed into oblivion at a trade show because of insipid exhibition stand design while newcomers arrive with a bang riding on a exceptional design.

An event gives all the exhibitors similar opportunity of winning their visitors which can be tapped only with superlative, eye catching, informative and welcoming exhibition stand design that tops the list of event recall.

Strokes Exhibits is a live Exhibition Design & Fabrication Company that delivers award winning Exhibition Stands from the intimate to the spectacular. Our passion, creativity and attention to detail ensure that our Exhibition stands engage, touch and inspire the event audience. Through meticulous planning and flawless delivery standards we deliver seamless Exhibition Stands that enable clients to create ‘wow’ live communications.