Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

The Benefits of Exhibiting at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair


The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is a great opportunity for corporate entities to showcase their products and services to a large, captive audience. The fair provides a unique opportunity to network with key decision-makers from the publishing and media industries, as well as consumers from all over the region. Exhibitors can also expect to benefit from extensive media coverage of the event. If you’re looking to break into or expand your presence in the Middle Eastern market, don’t miss  year’s Abu Dhabi International Book Fair!

The annual Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is an incredible programme of events and the loads of books to love is just an additional bonus. It is held in May every year. The last edition was a 7-day fair, which was held from May 23 to May 29. The book fair saw 450 events and over 1,000 exhibitors.  

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is an exceptional place for conversation and learning as it draws international and local authors, publishers, bibliophiles and artists alike. Through a series of events the programmes promote academic and cultural dialogue that focuses on translation, language, literature and poetry across cultures.

It also includes music shows, children’s activities, film screenings, book signing events, artwork, talks, and even a gaming section. It’s the best venue for an outing with your kids as education is at the heart of the festival.

The event is held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) and runs daily from 9 am to 10 pm. In the latest edition of the fair the guest of honour was the Federal Republic of Germany, which hosted a diverse range of cultural and vocational sessions.

It featured books on architecture and history, especially books on Gulf architecture.  


With more than a thousand book stalls there is going to be a lot of books for you to see and buy. There will be something for everyone. From fantasy and sci-fi, to history novels, comics and popular science fiction and of course, top biographical non-fiction, you will be spoilt for choice. Don’t forget to carry some extra bags because you are sure to go home with plenty of new titles to read.

For the publishing industry in the MENA region Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is the key marketplace. It is a platform for authors, publishers, digital-service providers and illustrators to do business with their counterparts from around the world.

A unique hybrid event Abu Dhabi International Book Fair selects one of the influential countries in the fields of arts, culture, literature and the publishing industry to be a guest of honor with a unique pavilion. The selected guest of honor is a country that allows cooperation, the acquisition of knowledge, and exchanging experiences in the publishing industry.

The Federal Republic of Germany took part as the guest of honor for the second year in a row at the 2022 edition. Germany enhanced cultural, civilizational, knowledge and artistic communication with visitors. It was a unique platform in stepping up cooperation between German publishing houses and other local, regional and international counterparts participating in ADIBF.


  • To identify new MENA-region business partners for international publishers ADIBF’s Professional Programme has designed enhanced initiatives.
  • The Spotlight on Rights Programme featuring subsidies for book deals.
  • For institutional buyers and focus groups for educational publishers there will be matchmaking opportunities.
  • To help you get ahead in digital formats a world-leading eZone with panels and seminars.
  • A large number of visitors from the UAE and MENA regions.


For all members of the publishing trade Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is a business hotspot. Trade visitors can network with international publishers at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and exhibitors have a unique opportunity to make themselves known to the rapidly growing MENA market expanding their horizons.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is one of the largest and most established book fairs in the region. To explore this corner of the publishing world it is the ideal stage.

Some of the benefits that trade visitors enjoy are:

* To establish new partnerships between Arab and international publishers support is extended like subsidies on book deals from the Spotlight on Rights Programme.

* Enhanced initiatives in Abu Dhabi International Book Fair’s Professional Programme designed for international publishers to identify new MENA-region business partners.

 * Institutional buyers are provided matchmaking opportunities and focus groups for educational publishers.

* Providing international exhibitors a golden opportunity to introduce themselves to a huge number of visitors from the UAE and the MENA region.

 * A world-leading eZone with panels and virtual seminars, which will help to discover the latest eBooks, digital media, and audiobooks.


The thrust is on education at the fair and it aims to inspire and inform the next generation of readers, budding authors, talented young artists or future publishers. It’s a place for students to experience the buzz of a global publishing marketplace, stacked with books.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has a strong Educational Programme of virtual events and sessions for schoolchildren and university students. For educators and educational publishers, it is an ideal platform to come together to do business or share ideas.


It’s a book lovers’ paradise as it provides them a platform to browse innumerable new titles from around the world.


The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, held at the multi-award-winning Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), welcomes 1,50,000 visitors every year from around the world. ADIBF is your opportunity to get your hands on the latest publications as well as meet prominent Arabic and international authors and publishers. It also provides a range of fun online activities and virtual professional development programmes.


Abu Dhabi is becoming a pivotal annual meeting point for booksellers, publishers and distributors and a centre of the Arab book trade in the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf region, and beyond.


Abu Dhabi is fast developing and the government is showing a keen interest in investing in culture and the arts, and also prioritising nurturing reading and literacy. Tolerance is an extension of culture; Abu Dhabi is committed to a lack of censorship and open-minded multi-cultural intellectual exchange.

At Abu Dhabi International Book Fair culture meets commerce at the crossroads of world publishing.


Don’t miss out on the wide selection of dedicated sessions, meetings and panels in their Professional Programme, aimed at making your visit to ADIBF as productive as possible. Every year, thousands of industry professionals attend a diverse range of offerings from over 60 leading speakers from the industry.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has expanded its Professional Programme with a number of new initiatives aimed at fostering international connections and a robust publishing industry in the MENA region.

It gives visitors a chance to gain an in-depth insight into the publishing sector in the Arab World and Middle East today and covers all essential topics like rights trading, distribution markets, technological developments and literary trends. There will be debates by experts on the hottest issues facing the publishing community today, from grassroots media companies to champion progressive solutions and artificial intelligence, to move the industry forward.


To boost your network in the Arab world and beyond the Professional Programme team will assist you in finding potential business partners. To grow your business, matchmaking sessions between Arab and international publishers are the perfect way.


The Spotlight on Rights (SoR) initiative launched by Abu Dhabi International Book Fair continues to gain popularity. The initiative was started to support the efforts of content translation from and into Arabic, and converting paper content into electronic and audio (digital). Through generous grants the programme encourages the creation of new rights deals.  

Since its inception, the SoR Programme has provided 120 publishing houses with 1.8 million US dollars in grants by fostering 1000 rights deals for translated works.

By providing financial grants to participants in ADIBF the initiative also enhances cooperation and exchange between Arab and international publishers.

Since its inception in 2009, it has enriched the Arabic library with books translated from several international languages. It has led to the publication of more than 900 books including science, children’s books, social sciences, history, and others through more than 120 publishers.


You can take part in the Spotlight on Rights initiative for audiobooks and e-books grants by filling out the application form on their official website.

To reach a large number of readers, conversion into audiobooks or e-books is encouraged.

In order to support agreements for conversion into audiobooks or e-books, whose conversion rights are exchanged through ADIBF platforms, the organisers are in contact with digital publishers (both audio and electronic).


To receive the financial grant to translate content to and from Arabic, you need to first fill out the application form which is available on the official website.

“Spotlight on Rights” was started to support the translation of books from and into Arabic, and thereby bring many books from different world cultures to the Arab world, as well as introduce the Arab culture to the world.


With a personalised stand at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair you can make yourself known to the publishing world, foster new business deals and increase brand awareness.


From publishing houses to literary tech companies the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair host an impressive assortment of exhibitors each year.

Find out who else will be at ADIBF and make the most of your time at the Fair.

A networking hub, ADIBF is dedicated to facilitating business connections.  


In combating the pandemic and to ensure the safety of all participants in the exhibition the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is committed to adhering the highest standards of health precautions. According to the regulations set by the official health authorities in the United Arab Emirates these precautions are constantly being modified. Visitors will have to follow the guidelines and maintain social distancing to ensure the safety of all participants.


The aim of the Congress is to showcase the latest publishing trends, and highlight book adaptations into other formats.

It is the first of its kind in the Arabic publishing world and facilitates conversation between content creators, publishers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from different platforms to learn how the business of storytelling is evolving and how different media can thrive.


If you are a book lover searching for your latest read this is one fair you should not miss. It is also frequented by gadget freaks as it presents all the latest in technology. It also caters to school students as it will have stalls dedicated to school textbooks.

It is well loved by all bibliophiles, families and tech enthusiasts alike.


Exhibitors from all corners of the publishing industry visit the fair. It is a great opportunity for authors, illustrators, tech companies and publishing houses to showcase your products and connect with industry leaders in the MENA region.


The Fair celebrates all things literary and is a unique educational and cultural event. Children will enjoy the fair as it let them experience the joy of rifling through bookshelves. It can even be a cultural outing for your staff.

What are you waiting for? Arrange a trip for your office staff now!

Q & A

Where do I register?

There are three platforms for visitors to register – the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair website, in person at the fair and the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair mobile app.

Is there an entrance fee?

For the public entrance to the Fair is complimentary. For trade visitors ticket fare is AED 200 each. Ticket-holders can use the Fair’s Business Club area, as well as many other professional services.

How can we reach the Fair?

Abu Dhabi’s public transport system is very efficient. Between many stops in central Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) buses run frequently.

Is there any Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind while visiting Abu Dhabi?

In Abu Dhabi the attitude towards clothing is relaxed, but in public places visitors (men and women) should show due deference to local customs by avoiding excessively revealing attire. The watchwords here are elegance and discretion.

In the UAE women play a full and active part in day-to-day activities, and there are no restrictions on their dress or behaviour. For women travelling alone the country is exceptionally safe. Moving about town will not be a problem whatever time of day or night.

Language is not a problem here since local workers across the service industries have a fluent command of English and other major international languages.

Where are the parking facilities at the Fair?

ADNEC, the venue of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, has two multi-storey car parks which can accommodate over 6283 spaces, with direct access to the Exhibition Centre. It is Car Park B that is closest to the Fair.

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