APLF Dubai

Asia Pacific Leather Fair: Why Your Brand Needs to Be There

What is APLF (Asia Pacific Leather Fair)?

APLF (Asia Pacific Leather Fair) is the world’s leading leather trade show where the whole leather supply chain will be present. APLF (Asia Pacific Leather Fair) is a platform for the sourcing of leathers or items related to the manufacturing industries of leather goods and mid to high-quality footwear. It’s a professional business platform where suppliers can meet thousands of international buyers. From leathers and synthetics to components and machinery APLF covers the needs of the footwear, leather goods, garment, upholstery and interior sectors.

For 35 years it was held in Hong Kong. In 1993, it was rebranded as the Asia Pacific Leather Fair, and effectively “embedded” as the gateway to the China leather and footwear industries. The strategic position of APLF in Hong Kong brought together Chinese buyers and western suppliers.

In the 1990s China continued strengthening its manufacturing and export base. In relation to China and South East Asian buyers, there will be a significant post-Dubai activity for Dubai exhibitors.

The aim is to connect Dubai exhibitors and Chinese buyers for business networking.

Where and When it Will be Held Next?

APLF will take place from March 13 to 15, 2023, in halls 1, 2 and 3 called Sheikh Saeed of the Dubai World Trade Centre. The event will have three exhibitions: APLF Leather, Materials+ and Fashion Access.

Who are the Buyers at APLF?

The exhibition will have buyers from America and Europe, networking with new visitors, from countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia or the local market.

The next edition will see a whole lot of exhibitors and buyers from China.

After a pause, the Chinese leather, footwear and leather goods industries are on the revival path and they are making their first overseas comeback in APLF in the Middle Eastern business hub.

This is a chance for you to meet the key industrial players all under one roof.

Why Dubai?

Dubai’s advantage is its proximity to the footwear and leather industries, in Europe, Africa and the Indian subcontinent, among others.

For the tanning industry all over the world, this is the most important exhibition.

APLF Dubai’s last edition had the participation of 463 exhibitors, representing 34 regions and countries. There were various spaces dedicated to the pavilions of France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Georgia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Uzbekistan, India, Egypt, Japan, the United States and Brazil, to list a few prominent countries.

In each edition, APLF brings together international suppliers, tanneries, buyers and designers.

What is the focus of APLF?

The focus is on the supply of hides and skins, chemicals, materials, and machinery, aimed at the clothing, footwear, upholstery, leather goods and interior design industries.

The Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB), the Leather and Hide Council of America, Assomac Servizi Srl, the French Tanners Association (FFTM), and the Council for Leather Exports of India, also frequent the exhibition.

Fashion Access exhibits a range of products that includes footwear, bags, leather clothing, and accessories.

Who visits APLF?

  • Buyers
  • Wholesalers / Dealers
  • Manufacturers
  • Corporate Decision makers

Apart from ‘APLF Leather fair’, there is ‘Materials+’ to cater to the rising demand for innovations in advanced / sustainable materials and components by the leather goods and sportswear markets.

APLF Leather brings under one roof the entire leather manufacturing supply chain — top tanneries, suppliers, designers and buyers — from across the globe. This is the place where leather prices, trends and innovations are launched.

How big is APLF?

This year’s edition will have approximately 500 exhibiting companies occupying some 20,000 square meters of exhibition space. There are 15 national pavilions from India, Brazil, Italy, France, Egypt, Korea, Japan, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Pakistan, and the USA.

Organisers are working to attract some 8,000 international buyers, in conjunction with six Informa regional offices in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), including hosted buyers from Russia, India, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey. For participating companies looking to expand their base, the event is expected to open up new opportunities from nearby African and Middle Eastern countries.

Visitor promotion campaign

The APLF team is working closely with national leather, footwear and retail associations from India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, Romania, and Russia, as well as those from Europe and Africa to organise buying groups to APLF Dubai and thereby strengthen visitor promotion campaigns.

To promote APLF Dubai and Dubai Expo 2020, APLF will also work with the Dubai Chamber. To visit World Expo and attend business matching meetings during the fair their VIP programme will give APLF’s buyers and exhibitors incentives.

What Will You Find at APLF?

Hides & Skins

Dehaired / Brinecured / Drysalted / Fresh / Fresh, Chilled / Hair-on / Pickled / Salted / Wetsalted / Trimmed / Semi-finished / Crust Leather

Chrome-free (Wetwhites) / Chrome Tanned (Wetblues)

Finished Leather

Aniline / Degrained / Brush-coloured / Die-cut / Doubleface / Embossed / Full-Grain / / Embroidered Handworked / Metallic / Interwoven / Nubuck / Nappa / Patent / Oily Pull-up / Pigmented / Pearlised / Semi-Aniline / Printed / Stretch / Split / Suede / Top-Grain / Washable / Waxy

Chemicals / Allied Materials for Tanning

Chemicals (for deliming, liming, bleaching, bating, pickling) / Dyes / Colourants / Foils for Leather /Oils / Tanning Agents (Chromium / Vegetable Tannins) / Transfer Flim / Waxes


Business / Inspection / Certification / Logistics / Leather Technology / Testing / Media / Trade Association / Trade / Publication / Trends Consultancy

Notable Industry Association Participations


BLC (United Kingdom)

Assomac Servizi Srl (Italy)

Council for Leather Exports (India)

CICB – Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry

Turkish Leather Council and Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association (IDMIB)

French Tanners Association – FFTM

Italian Trade Agency

Leather Export Council Of Egypt (Egypt)

The Leather & Hide Council of America

Japan Leather Goods Industries Association

Pakistan Tanners’ Association

UNIC – Italian Tanners Industry Association

Why exhibit at APLF Dubai?

  • APLF brings together leather, material and fashion businesses under one roof.
  • It is an opportunity to meet and greet leading industry players face to face. You can meet key players in the sector from all parts of the world.
  • This will open up a window of opportunity to find fresh partners, discover new customers or suppliers and keep ahead of industry developments.
  • With a focus on fashion and lifestyle — sectors that are constantly in flux — visitors and exhibitors at APLF can keep a tab on the changes around them and keep up to date about the forecast for coming seasons.

Impact of the pandemic on the leather goods industry

In the last three years, the global economy has been impacted by the pandemic and this includes the leather footwear, leather goods and fashion sectors. Although many tanneries and footwear manufacturers have continued operations they have been operating at a much lower capacity when compared to the pre-pandemic levels. Some companies have even ceased trading.

The negative impact on consumer spending affected manufacturers which led to a fall in the price for raw materials. However, the demand has improved and the prices are far more attractive now. As a result, tanneries have started restocking.

Luxury brands have increased their prices and the leather sector started a steady recovery as consumer demand picked up. As leading tanners launched branded sustainable leathers and introduced social responsibility into their corporate business model sustainability and environmental care have currently taken centre stage.

However, the cost of logistics and shipping is yet to be resolved. What is fuelling inflation is the spiralling of freight charges, which is causing disruption in supply chains in many industries, and not just in the leather sector.

Conferences, seminars and workshops at APLF

Promoting business and allowing the industry to meet, exchange ideas and information, consolidate existing customer relations and meet new contacts is the primary aim of a trade fair. However, to understand and fulfil the future needs of a changing industry and consumer demands, education and information are vital as a business has become more globalised.

APLF holds a comprehensive programme of seminars, conferences, and workshops keeping this in mind. They run concurrently with the trade fairs so as to present a complete, rounded event to the sectors it serves – the International Leather and Fashion Industries.

For the complete list of events, visit www.aplf.com.

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