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Why first impressions matter: the importance of exhibition stand design

What do meetings, job interviews, first dates, and trade shows have in common? You need to put up your best because the first impression is the best impression. To make a great first impression with the attendees a trade show gives you the best opportunity. For generating interest from the passers-by an attention-grabbing booth design is essential. Before deciding to engage or move on visitors only read carefully a display for 3 to 5 seconds, says a recent study. Appearances matter in any trade show. Follow these best practices for exhibition stand design to make an impact at your next exhibition.

Avoid Cluttered Displays

To avoid busy paragraphs of content and artwork keep in mind the fact that the attention span of attendees is just 3 or 5 seconds. The copy should simply state who you are. Your customers from the first glance itself should understand what you do and what you offer. Your display should not be a branded chaos. If should be creative and eye-catching.

Work With Professionals

Work with an experienced professional who understands the variety of large displays and their complexity. It is not easy to work with a large space. It is best to work with small spaces. You need proper specs and high-quality graphics to render productively in these large formats whatever options you choose. To follow the best practices for exhibition stand design you need to get help from a professional exhibition stand design company.

Lighten Up

All trade shows have certain common pattern yet they are all different. With too many exhibitors the exhibit areas typically will be visually busy with very little natural light. In a gloomy, cheerless hall, displays that are bright and light stand out like a breath of fresh air. One of the best practices for exhibition stand design is sticking with lighter background colours. Just follow this tip and see the difference.

Upgrade Often

If you take part in exhibitions too often your display materials can look shabby overtime. It is better to replace damaged displays or else it would send wrong signal to customers. They will feel you don’t care or you are not a professional. To update your booth set aside a budget and plan ahead.

Invest Wisely

Formats for booth display have become very advanced. There are a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Full mural pop-ups, aluminum structures with tension fabric, reception counters, pedestals, — it is an endless list. Taking into account your business needs be systematic about the type of display. A word of caution though. In the long run economical options might not pay off.

Here are a few more tips:

Simple Signage: Keep the text crisp and precise. It should be to the point as well as impactful.

Not Floor Level but Eye Level: Graphics might go unnoticed if it is placed too low. It has to be at least 20” off the floor.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Just like how you read newspapers visitors at a trade show read graphics. So arrange your message in a similar way.

Choose Fonts Wisely: Umpteen fonts are there to choose from. According to the mood of your campaign you have to choose the font. It can scream or whisper. The choice is yours.

Colour Consistency: To avoid visual overload be stable with brand colours. This is essential to maintain your theme too.

High quality photos: Use the highest quality photos possible if you are using images for your marketing ads. It is difficult to enlarge a photo if it is of poor quality. It won’t create the desired impact.

If you find any of these points confusing Strokes Exhibits can help. To speedily eliminate many pain points associated with taking part in trade shows we have a full-service design department. We will work with you or your ad agency and make the maximum impact at any exhibition or trade show. We follow some of the best practices for exhibition stand design. Using attention-grabbing colours and sharp designs we will make your stand really stand out from the competition.

The importance of choosing the right Exhibition Stand Design Company for your brand

Exhibition stand design is the process of designing exhibition stands to be used in trade shows and other events. Exhibition stand design play a crucial role in marketing a company or product, as they provide a way to attract attention and create an instant impact. There are many factors to consider when designing exhibition stands, such as the size of the stand, the type of products or services being showcased, and the target audience. With so many factors to consider, it is important to work with a experienced and professional exhibition stand design company like Strokes Exhibits, who have been designing exhibition stands for Dubai Exhibitions for over 20 years. Our client retention rate and error free quality delivery is 100%. Strokes Exhibits will work with you to understand your objectives and create an exhibition stand design that will help you achieve your goals.