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Beware Of Suitcase Exhibition Companies!

Are you looking for a company to exhibit your products or services? Do you know what to look out for when choosing one? Read on to find out more about suitcase exhibition companies.

You might think that suitcase exhibitions are legitimate businesses offering an opportunity for your company to reach new customers. But there are many companies that use these services to trick people into paying a huge sum for fake goods.

What Is A Suitcase Exhibition Company?

Suitcase exhibition companies are not real businesses. They are just individuals who claim to represent a business. These individuals will often be operating from home and claim to have in-house production! Many times they will try to hire a cheap unskilled labour force from the market and try to put together a stand at half the market rate and run away on the last day of the stand handover.

To deliver your message with the impact you need a talented exhibit company in Dubai.

Choosing the right contractor is no easy task and you will find many companies willing to send you booth proposals. What matters is how they do it as most companies will be able to build you exactly what you are looking for. What makes all the difference is the finishing touches. Before hiring a contractor do your research on the company to weed out suitcase exhibition companies so that you get enough bang for your buck.

First, put together a list of contractors. Do some research online as well as ask show organizers, and friend’s working at other companies for references. To check out booths make sure to visit other trade shows and if you like a booth, ask for the contractor. Your request for a proposal should go to more than one company. After getting the proposal, shortlist based on design, budget, quality of their work, company reputation, and the business-client rapport.

Weed out all contractors that seem to you unreliable before you finalise the deal or sign on the dotted line.

Understand their terms and conditions

Make sure that they are capable of doing all the work like design, fabrication, transportation, dismantling and also storage. They should have a team dedicated to doing all these works in-house rather than outsourcing all the work. While outsourcing, you may not be able to keep a track of the quality of the work and may even have to shell out more money.

Check out their reputation

To establish trust, ask for a full resume of their expo show event management record. Look through their portfolio of events and clients. They should have this information readily available for you or listed on their website.

Talk to the contractor directly as well to get any insights on their approach to trade show exhibits.

You must hire a company which is able to offer custom services and meet your varied demands. A good exhibition company in Dubai would have worked with a wide range of clients and designed unique trade show exhibits. Look at their previous trade show displays to get an idea about what you’re actually purchasing.

Ask for references

To see if they have met client expectations ask for clients’ references. Ask if they have met critical deadlines and if they succeeded in meeting their expectations. Also, check if the reviews and client testimonials on their website are matching up with the sales pitch you were given. 

Previous Trade Show Displays

Storytelling and design are part of trade show exhibits. To catch everyone’s attention in a vast amount of competition you will need a unique trade show exhibit. To see what creative solutions your contractor has to offer look at past examples of trade show displays.

You will need not only a creative stand but a stand that clearly communicates what you are trying to sell to your customers. It has to be persuasive, and informative. To maximize your trade show’s investment, see what materials the exhibition company can offer as well as their marketing visuals and strategies they can incorporate.

Each product and brand is different and every display will not work for every client. The contractor should be open to communication and collaboration for the success of the trade show.

Check their website

A reputable exhibition stand company will have a website with pictures of the previous projects and client testimonials. To get an understanding of their global reach look at the shows they have worked at previously. A good company would have worked with major brands.

Ask for Portfolio

To assess their capabilities and style ask the company to send you a portfolio or presentation. Make sure that they have a long standing in the industry and have built booths for a wide variety of companies in the past.

All under one roof

To make ideation, transportation and construction hassle-free and to save time and money it is always better to hire a trade show contractor who offers a full-service package. Some exhibition companies will focus only on booths while others will provide everything from marketing and staffing to PR support and more. Choose them based on the scope of services you want from them.

Your Budget

Every exhibition management company will have different charges. Some charge per conference while others charge by the hour. Make sure that the contractor can work within your budget early on and design a stand that is a reflection or extension of your brand.

A well-established exhibition company in Dubai will be able to accommodate last-minute changes before or during the show. Hence, it’s advisable to choose a flexible partner for your trade show exhibit and stay away from suitcase exhibition companies.

Also, read the contract carefully. If possible, get the help of a legal advisor to go through the contract.

Good luck finding a reliable exhibition company in Dubai!