Exhibition Planning Guide

Brief and Quick Guide on Planning for an Exhibition in UAE

You would have read a lot about the benefits of exhibiting and displaying at Exhibitions in UAE. But if you plan it wrong, you are likely to get nothing from these business exhibitions. Here are the top best tips for planning a participation in exhibitions organized in Dubai or whole UAE.

Selecting the Show

Find out a show with average competition and at least 75% target audience. If you have just planned a show, then try to get the exhibitors list. If you are planning it since months, then try to attend the previous show.

Stand Selection, Design and Construction

The size of stand, location in the venue and of the venue, and the situation are important things to consider for stand selection, design and construction.

Size of the Stand: A bigger stand is always a good choice but a stand bigger than provided space on the venue floor would definitely be a disaster. Try to work on multi-dimensions of the stand.

Location of Your Stand: Don’t depend on the information provided by the venue administration. The best places for a stand are always near the seminar, administration table, food area and entrance. Avoid displaying outside the covered area, on the corner and near the walls.

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Situation and Atmosphere: The atmosphere of your stand is created by other exhibitors around you. For long term plans, the best choice is to attend previous shows of similar theme on the venue. For short plans, don’t hesitate to get the exhibitor list.

The Next Step

After all these choices, your next step is to find out your infrastructure. The infrastructure is provided by the venue. It is either the shell scheme, in which you get floor, walls and face stand etc, or the free build infrastructure in which you get the floor or floor carpet only.

Shell Scheme vs Free Build

If you have posters, banners and pop-ups etc. then shell scheme infrastructure is a good option. But in shell scheme, all your creativity is limited to your assets only. If you have sufficient time to work creatively on your stand, then try to get a free build one.

The second important step to select your infrastructure is to decide your stand design. If your preference is to work on graphics only, then banner and pop-up supporting stand is a good choice. If your preference is to work on special lighting, creative work, 3D display and other creative work, then a free build stand is a good choice.

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Stand Supporting Tools

Your stand is supported by various tools that play part in basic requirements, marketing, creative work and demonstration supportive work.

Energy and Furniture

Furniture is required specifically to handle your gadgets and provide accommodation area to the guests. Generally, chairs should not be a part of your stand because seating area enables guests to stay longer and other prospects are lost in the mean time. Tables, safety boxes and cabinets are important products in furniture. Energy supply is provided by the venue. Make sure that you know about all the sockets on your stand and the energy flow they support. Otherwise, hire a third party to provide you energy supply.


There are two types of storage in an exhibition. The first one is for extra materials like published stuff, brochures, giveaways, and discount coupons etc. Ask from the venue if they provide storage area for these things. Otherwise, you will have to keep them in your vehicles or stand boxes. The second one is for storing your important electronic devices. It is always good to store your electronic devices and expensive goods in your personal storage boxes.

Attendants and Staff

Nothing can balance the knowledge that your personal staff carries. The best choice here is to train your own staff to attend the guests on the show. Another advantage is that in any case of mishandling or theft, you will have choice to personalize the interrogation. External staff is always expensive. You are also not sure about how sincerely they will conduct the services.

Gimmicks, Marketing Products and Games

Although it is crazy but it is a fact that silly things are more fun-filled for people. Colorful, interesting and crazy games are good to attract people to your stand but they MUST be relevant to your goals. Another good technique is to excite people by small competitions every hour for example; ice cream eating competition, cookie arrangement competition, and hairstyling or make up competition, and game competition on launch of a new game or application.

Gifts and Giveaways

The budget of giveaways is not the biggest question. The choice of giveaways is the question you should worry about. If you plan to give the gifts to a large number of audiences, then you should buy less expensive gifts. Antique products or customized gifts are highly admired by the receivers. Search antique markets, countryside shops, and tourist specific souvenir shops for buying these gifts. You can also get them manufactured if you have sufficient time. However; if you plan to give gifts to a small number of audiences, then you can buy expensive gifts from any nearby shop or market.

Literature and Published Materials

Published materials are not much in trend now. E-brochures and e-mails are preferred but there is not any restriction. You can give your customized business cards with little detail about company, goals, logo and contact etc. Publish materials only if it suits your budget. Otherwise, eco-friendly packaged e-brochures are sufficient. Always give the published materials after the lunch.

Data Collection

The data is collected about the exhibitors and the guests. Exhibitor data will be provided by the administration in electronic or print form. Guest data collection is in your hands. Try to create a specific electronic system for data collection with ‘Save Paper, Save Environment’ tag on the top. Don’t hesitate in data collection because every single block of collected data is useful after the exhibition.

Demonstrations and Seminars

Speeches, demonstrations, seminars and AV shows are loved by the attendees. Because a similar type of culture is going on under the roof, such a difference could bring a large number of audiences to you. If you have planned to value the customers with giveaways, then give them in the seminar.

Analyze the Show

Many people become so excited about the show success that they book for the next show before the end of the exhibition. Don’t rebook because your results will be analyzed and demonstrated after the exhibition. Sometimes, the results appear to be successful but they actually are not. Rebook only when you analyze the exhibition till the end, and check your results fully.

Expertise of a team of skilled consultants can be of great help

Exhibition in UAE is a great platform to showcase your products and services. If you are planning to participate in such an exhibition, then it is important to plan your participation well in advance. This is where the expertise of a team of skilled consultants can be of great help. The Strokes Exhibition team has extensive experience in Exhibition Management and can advise you on the best way to go about your Exhibition in UAE. We will work with you to understand your specific requirements and then tailor a Exhibition solution that meets your needs perfectly. We offer a complete range of Exhibition services that includes Exhibition Stand Design, Exhibition Stand Fabrication, Exhibition Stand Graphics, Exhibition Stand Installation, Exhibition Stand Maintenance and Exhibition Stand dismantling and storage. So, if you are planning to have a participation in any of the upcoming UAE exhibitions, then do get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to assist you in making your participation a success.