Can Smart Phone Apps Increase Exhibition ROI and Attendee Turnout

Can Smart Phone Apps Increase Exhibition ROI and Attendee Turnout

The smart phones popularity is always increasing and it has created new communication and marketing channels for the organizing companies and exhibition design experts.

Mobile applications were a new concept for the exhibition industry. While the rising mania of iPhone and popularity of smart phones have made possible to introduce mobile apps in the consumer and trade shows. Many mobile app developers are now developing and offering apps for the exhibition organizers and most of the event organizers are planning lots of things to be done in this digital direction.

Lots of apps are as a web apps like optimized HTML sites optimized for the mobile display or as downloadable software. Apps for exhibition industry includes features like floor plan having profiles of exhibitors in interactive way, making schedule of seminars, tools for the connection of visitors and exhibitors, venue information, organizer and sponsor messages and social media and news for the exhibition show. The potential for the marketing of mobile apps, most probably within 3 months will lead up to an exhibition is an additional milestone. Potential sponsors for these apps, see it as an ultra-modern way to spread out their messages and it will directly help them to get higher ROI. Mobile apps are the next step solution for the physical ad spaces, as exhibition attendees will be engaged and use this technology on different sort of digital devices, it will provide the platform for the analytics and communication for the exhibition event.

If exhibition apps will allow audience to maximum advantage from their spent time in an exhibition event and involve staying longer then they will be really an asset. According to some research reports, above 50% of the exhibitions visitors are downloading exhibition apps. While usage of exhibition apps is bit higher for the business audience. Normally, audience log into an exhibition app 15-20 time during their stay at show. To get maximum benefits from the show, it’s recommended for the organizers to launch their mobile apps at least one month before. By offering highly valuable outlining and content that will be on the event first, exhibitors can make important industry interest. Many exhibitors have proceeded for their mobile apps but poor connectivity at the show floors is a big hurdle and made it very difficult to update or effectively use of web based mobile apps. One other major factor about which organizers worry a lot is having an app to develop apps data independently or unable to support all platforms with single app. There is a no way to overcome this issue but with the time, app developers are expecting to provide both app functionality and Wi-Fi to have more integration.

Instead of building customize apps from the scratch, many mobile app developers are offering content management systems to manage the, look, feel and features of the app. Many companies are planning to have integration of “Bump” technology in their single platform that will make visitors to exchange their details by simply hitting their mobile phones together. The ultimate objective of these exhibition industry apps is to make possible for the organizers to see insight of the visitors taste.

So, why companies are going for the mobile apps? That’s simple: Visitors. Because, all exhibitors see apps as a way of attracting more and targeted audience on their stand in the exhibitions.

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