Questions to Ask exhibition companies in Dubai

The Best Questions to Ask Exhibition Companies in Dubai before Hiring

You need to ask the right questions to get what you want out of a service. It can be the difference between your exhibition running efficiently and it being a total failure.
No exhibition company wants the latter to happen. They don’t want to end up making pricey mistakes that will be a big blow to their reputation, which has taken a while for them to build.
The exhibition company’s ultimate aim is to make your exhibition a success, and to achieve that goal you must let the company know your requirements. To make that happen you have to ask the right questions during the first meeting itself.  
We help you with a few questions that you need to ask your contractor so that they will be able to deliver what you want and you won’t end up losing any money in the process. 
Asking the right questions will help you get what you want from your exhibition company and achieve all your marketing objectives.

Can I see your recent work?

Before finalising an exhibition company or hiring a contractor or service, you must see their recent work to ensure that the company can live up to your expectations. Seeing their past work will give you a good idea if they are the right contractor for you or whether they can deliver everything you have in mind. 
Most of the top exhibition companies in Dubai will have no problem showing you their portfolio. They will have all their portfolio uploaded on their website. Go through them and also ask them if the previous exhibition stand construction handled by them have been a success.

Will you be able to deliver what I want in my time frame?

You must make sure that the company will be able to Design and Fabrication of  the Exhibition within the set timeframe. A good company will never agree to do a project if they know it is not possible to deliver your design within your required timeframe. After briefing the company about the design that you have in mind, this is the first question you should ask them. Since they already know the design that you want, they will know straight away whether the job can be done within your timeframe.
If you are looking for an intricate and complicated stand design, the company might need more time to build it. You don’t want it to arrive late and ruin your chances of exhibiting. Ask the right questions so that your money and hard work won’t be wasted.

Is it a complete in-house service you offer?

You will get all such details from their website. However, some companies sub-contract various parts of the building and design process for your stand. The problem with this is that you do not always know who they are using for your stand design. It is better to know this beforehand so that you will have peace of mind that everything will be completed at the same high-quality level. When they assign the task to sub-contractors the disadvantage is that you are not sure how your plan and requests are being communicated to the sub contractors. And things can go wrong. Ask this question directly to avoid any future trouble.

Can I visit your Production Facility?

Many companies don’t have their own production facilities, and they sub contract the service. If they don’t have in-house production facility you will never know whether the job will be completed according to your expectations. A top exhibition company will have this facility to design and execute the project with customised standards. They will also be able to provide all types of services in-house to execute the projects according to the customers’ demand, and deliver it on time. 
What would be the strength of workforce on your company’s visa?
The workforce is the backbone of any good company. To create exhibitions that have an impact or to run memorable events for the most demanding clients, a company needs passionate, unstoppable workforce. To understand and deliver the client’s expectations a top company will have a team of dedicated, experienced and committed workforce. However, many companies outsource workforce. Independent contractors are a popular choice for business owners to fill their workforce needs. Here the client is at a disadvantage as they never know if they will get the right candidates or there will be enough people to undertake the job and complete it within the fixed timeframe. Independent contractors are permitted to work for a number of different companies at a time. As a result you won’t have as much control over the worker’s efforts, devotion and time, as you would with a permanent employee. Some contracts permit the independent contractor to replace another individual for him on any job, so you will have no idea who is going to work for you.

What is the size of your factory?

The size of the warehouse factory reflects the size of the production capability. A top exhibition company will have a huge factory to house manufacturing, printing and execution team to build your exhibition stall without hassles.  
What is the strength of your design team and what’s their previous background?
Colour, materiality, light, and space are key components of any exhibition stand. You have to get these things right to make a visit to your exhibition stand a pleasurable experience. And these things are the responsibility of the exhibition design team. Hence designers are critical for any exhibition company. However, many small players hire freelance designers. And when a company outsource such a crucial job, there is no guarantee how the job will be undertaken. Remember, a great design can woo customers to your stand. Visitors to an exhibition are not passive like a group of people who watch a film or play. Exhibition audiences are quite active and can go where they like, when they like. They are delightfully impulsive in what catches their attention and how long that can be sustained. So make sure that the exhibition company has a good in-house design team.

Do you have your own vehicles for transportation of materials & labour? 

This is again an important question because outsourcing these services can delay the delivery of the stand. Even a minor lack of communication can result in mishaps and delays. On the contrary, if the exhibition company has their own vehicles for transportation of materials and labour there is no question of any delay.
How many project managers you have and what’s their profile?
To make an exhibition a success, you need a team of dedicated and experienced project managers who will work with each client on a one-to-one basis. This means that at each stage of the process; from designing the stand to any employ additions, you will be kept in the loop. So ensure that the company has enough well qualified and experienced project managers to complete your project according to your expected standards and on schedule.