Exhibition space for UAE Exhibitions

How to Choose Your Exhibition Stand Space for UAE Exhibitions

The exhibition stand space – your world for the event. For international trade events, space is dear and prominent space comes at a premium.

While choosing your exhibition stand space, take into account the following:

  • Crowd behaviour:

     People at a trade event show peculiar behavioural patterns. A visit to similar shows gives you a fair idea of what you expect and accordingly plan the positioning of the stand

  • Entry / Exit Doorways: 

    Depending on the exhibit, people may visit or bypass the stands near to the entry/ exit points. 

  • Corner stands:

     Often corner stands are more open and have a wider interacting area than other type of stands. These usually come at a premium. 

  • Proximity to common area:

     The position of stand vis-à-vis the common area like cafeteria, media hub, business centre can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous. If your stand complements the common amenities, most probably you can generate useful walk ins. 

  • Architecture layout of the floor: 

    The stand needs maximum free view space; columns in between can be a hassle for visitor interaction and effective display. Height restriction for stands also needs to be looked into. 

  • Check out your neighbours: 

  • The neighbourhood matters even in an exhibition arena. Neighbours’ business can act for and against your stand depending whether you have competition, allied sector or a completely alien one. 

  • The package type: 

    Shell or space is the big question. Small stands less than 25m2 often are best for shell schemes. Those over 25m2 can be used as floor space only. The space only option is better because we have the freedom to create an attractive stand. The Shell type works well for a low budget, first time exhibitor. The shell scheme package will generally includes carpet, walls and a company name board. It may also include spotlights. It will not include graphics, furniture or specific display items – you will need to order these separately. The standard size for shell scheme is 3 x 2 meters with a height restriction of 2.5 meters. 

  • Build or Rent: 

    In the space only option, we have the choice to build or rent the exhibition stand. Renting saves money to an extent but in a large event, it is better to have a custom made stand that has your product’s/ service’s signature. 

  • How big a space:

     And finally the most important question – how much? Answer to this question lies in the answers to questions like – 

    • What and how many displays do you plan?
    • Would there be an AV presentation? 
    • What corporate vibe do you plan to put across? 
    • How much traffic can you handle at a time?

Now you know what to look out for before you choose your stand space. A glance at the floor plan and the rates are not the only things to go by. Also, one has to have a clear view of the exhibition objectives and an awareness of limitations.

Choose the Exhibition Stand Space that is right for your business

Exhibition Stand Space is one of the most important factors to consider when exhibiting in the UAE. The Exhibition space you choose will have a direct impact on the number of visitors to your stand, and ultimately the success of your Exhibition. Strokes Exhibits,  Exhibition support Service Consultants have over 20 years experience in working with organisers and we will work with you to choose the Exhibition Stand Space that is right for your business. We will take into account your Exhibition objectives, budget, target market when advising you on the best Exhibition Stand Space for your needs. Contact us today and let our experienced team help you make the most of your UAE Exhibition opportunity.