Exhibition Stand Designing: Basics to keep in mind

Design of exhibition stand is one of the major factors to get success in exhibiting. You have to start this exhibition process at least 16 weeks before the show. In this way, you will have enough time to discuss the design concept before finalization along with the sufficient time to make a stand for you with more accuracy. If you will have a prominent space for your stand, then you have to start this process even earlier.

Remember – design of your exhibition stand contains your messages and graphics. Graphics are most important part of your exhibition which you have not missed until last minutes.

You have to think about the following, before taking decision of buying or renting stand:

  • How is the supplier reputation?
  • Are they offering that sort of products, guarantees and design services which are mandatory to create your desired exhibition stand?
  • Are you looking for the exhibition stand for easy assembling and transportation?
  • How economical it is to expand, refurbish or reconfigure for next coming exhibitions.
  • Are you looking for rental exhibition stand?

The size, type and material to make your exhibition stand will be finalized as per your budget. You also need to finalize, how exactly you want to showed – traditional, quality, established, contemporary, high-tech etc. You can also achieve the desired image with the stand design, shape and color.

You also need to consider total available space for your stand and how exactly you are going to utilize for exhibition stand. Always make it sure, to have a room for your staff and visitors; it will help to enhance your services and products visibility.

While designing an exhibition stand, you have to think about following:

  • Target Audience
  • Your exhibition stand should be able to say within couple of seconds, who are you and what benefits, your products and services are offering.
  • Select that specific exhibition stand design company which is experienced in that field.
  • Write an exhibition stand manual in detail to clearly describe, what your objectives of show are, which product & services you are going to exhibit and what your target audience is.
  • Also, mention in detail how you are going to make your image to be remembered, key messages, corporate identity and special promotions which you are planning to run – all these factors directly affect layout and design of your exhibition stand space.
  • Light, height, movement and colour are four main factors for the award winning exhibition stand design: 
    • Light: It helps to attract attention of the visitors and it gives life to the stand. Lighting placed and selected with care can make an exclusive look of exhibition stand.
    • Height: By placing displays and signs on maximum height, can also help to get exclusive of exhibition visitors and it will also deliver your brand image and corporate key message. You will be allowed to build 4m high space in most of the cases and some will allow up to 6m high space build up but you have to provide drawings of structure for the approval.
    • Movement: It attracts visitors. By creating movements such as, presentation, moving objects and demonstrations will help your staff on stand to attract visitor’s interactions.
    • Colour: It helps to get attention of the visitors but make it sure to choose colours carefully as it will also represent your brand image. 
  • There should not be any physical barriers for the visitors to reach on your stand; your visitors should access your exhibition stand with ease.
  • Think about the design flow of exhibition stand, storage space, furniture usage and other accessories.
  • Graphics on your exhibition stand will work as silent sales team – they will attract attention of visitors but it should have minimum copy. Visual images and pictures works in best way with concise punchy text.
  • Make it sure; your staff at stand should look different and comfortable with the final design of stand.
  • Visitor’s communication starts from the 20 feet of the exhibition stand – You staff on stand should looks like they belong to your stand.

There are lot of factors which you need to think while finalizing design of exhibition stand – at the end of this whole process, you have to ask yourself – “Would I visit and stop on this exhibition stand?”