How to design a cost-effective exhibition stand for your exhibition participation in Dubai?

If you have been to an exhibition or trade fair you must have noticed how much money and effort has gone into the designing and fabrication of each stand.
Designing a showstopper stand is no small feat. At any exhibition, every brand wants to look its best. However, due to budget constraints, most of the exhibitors hesitate. Right from designing an exhibition stand to handling the logistics of the event they might feel that exhibition marketing is an expensive endeavour.
Rather than considering the cost, think of exhibition expenses as an investment. Having said that, it’s not worthwhile investing a lot of money in stands that don’t yield a good return. Instead of constructing a large exhibition stand without proper planning, look for small exhibition stands with an impressive design. Such small stands will reap more benefits.
For a cost-effective stand, first, you need to invest wisely in a good exhibition stand company.
Before you start looking out for exhibition stand builders, you need to have a clear objective and must know your company budget. This will help you build a cost-effective exhibition stand. To create the right impression on your target audience and to design an attractive stand within your budget you need to invest wisely in an exhibition stand design company.
You can start estimating the cost of the exhibition stand once you are through with the budgeting process. If you are looking for flexibility and a small investment you can opt to hire an exhibition stand.
The cost of an exhibition stand depends largely on the materials used in construction, shipping, and labour rates. Your budget will escalate if you are unsure about which elements to invest in. To attract people’s attention keep it simple but with effective elements.
Here are a few tips to design a cost-effective exhibition stand:
Simple flooring for cost saving
You may come across a lot of fancy pictures online. You can get a specially designed floor if you’ve got a hefty budget. But if you’re looking for a cost-effective exhibition stand, all you need is good padding and a standard carpet that comes in a variety of colours.
Opt for Backlit Counter or Light Box
An important part of an exhibition stand design is the light. Consider either a lightbox or backlit counter to keep your exhibition stand budget-friendly. Even in a crowded exhibition hall, this can ensure people still see your exhibition stand without having to overspend. Exotic lighting can add a significant amount to your budget.
Keep Your Graphics Simple but Impactful
Forget about complicated graphics. What you need is impactful messaging and not complicated graphics to cover your back wall and sides. Your brand will be able to stick to your exhibition stand budget by keeping it simple and impactful. With an elegant logo and some simple wrapping, you can achieve the look of various kinds of textures without having to break the bank.
Book an Exhibit House Known for No Post-Show Billing
Working with the wrong exhibition stand company will completely blow your exhibition stand budget. Some exhibition companies have the habit of offering a low ball estimate before the show, and post-show they’ll start passing out hefty bills. Hence, it is important to work with an exhibition company that gives an all-inclusive quote for your exhibition stand with zero post-show billing. To meet your financial goals you need to find the right exhibition stand partner.
To draw prospects to your exhibition stand, you must know better than anyone what’s going. You are taking your brand before a big audience and what you need is superior products and services, a unique exhibition stand, and friendly staff who can engage people.
Quality over quantity
Opt for a small stand made with quality products instead of choosing big but cheap displays. The quality of graphics is important. Make sure they don’t peel or curl over time.
To create a lasting impression on the audience you need fewer, but better quality displays.
Before you finalize on the design of your stand, you need to consider how it’ll work. How do you want to engage visitors in your stand? Do you want your stand to have live displays? Are you looking for making as many sales as possible?
You need to have a functional perspective to determine the sort of displays you want in your exhibition stand. How much you want to display on your stand depends on the amount of space you have.
Longevity of your design
The design can be simple but it should reflect your brand. It should be a design that you will be able to use more than once. Precisely speaking, you won’t need to purchase more stands for your next show but maximize your potential ROI.
To tell people what you do focus on a simple strapline and choose a simple logo using a sharp image and brand colours.
In Dubai, you will find exhibition stand builders who offer a range of exhibition services which include the design, construction, installation, logistics, and dismantling inclusive of prices. You can build a cost-effective stand and save a lot on your budget by choosing such exhibition companies.