Custom built stand

Custom Built Stand or Modular Exhibition Stand? What’s Better for DWTC Exhibitions

Wiggle exhibition stand is a revolutionary solution for stand designs that’s fits in all types of exhibitions and trade shows in Dubai, UAE. It also provides you the privilege of controlling its design.

If you go just a few years back in Dubai, you will find a total neglecting behavior towards modular display systems. It is because people used to believe that for a strong impact in an exhibition, you should have a custom built stand.

Now, the opinions are changing in favor of modular display stands for Dubai exhibitions. These stands have the capacity to completely change the outlook of the display by hiding into the specifically designed banners, posters and other exhibition stuff. Now, your every exhibition display could be totally different with little investment only.

A great benefit of modular display stands is that you can decorate and add strength to it by using curved panels and very special shapes. Visitors in DWTC exhibitions often find it hard to tell the difference between such modular stands and customized purpose built stands.

Custom Built Stand or Modular Exhibition Stand?

There is another very big reason that makes modular stands dominant over custom built stands i.e. it is very cost effective. Professional and experience exhibitors totally admit that exhibitions can pull unexpected money from your pockets. A lot of money is spent on the stand in UAE, let alone the decorations items and publications etc. Modular stands have aluminum framework which, according to estimates, can be used more than 20 times. Many exhibitors purchase their own modular stand system. Others rely on renting a stand. It is expected that proper modular stand system renting companies will become popular in upcoming years.

Some exhibitors use the trick of amalgamating the customization tips with the modular stand systems. Large walls, making up the backdrop, give the strength to stand. These walls are mostly hidden with highly graphical wall covers. Some exhibitors have also used the trick of hanging decoration and information items. For example; if you hang a circular or box shaped informative banner from the top of your modular stand, nobody would be able to tell if it is custom built or not.

It is quite sensible to pick up a pre-built stand, transport it to venue, pick it out and display while others are sweating in making up their stands. Modular stand system provides the option of pre-building it in the stand designing company. It really pulls away many headaches. If you cannot transport the whole stand, then you can simply transport the frames of your modular stand and fix them in just 5 minutes on the venue. Transport costs are equal in both cases in UAE.

It is not surprising at all to know that many UAE companies are showing interest in selecting modular stands only for exhibiting. The modern companies exhibit in seven continents and they find modular stands a good and hassle-free option over bespoke exhibition stands. These companies are completely aware of the fact that the air transportation of modular stands is far easy than the custom built stands. A lot of money is also saved apart from the obviously saved time. Companies don’t need to hire stand designing companies in the exhibiting countries.

The new modular stand system is really very flexible. You get the complete hold of the shape of stand especially when you work on Wiggle exhibition stand system.

Modular exhibition stand system is comfortably and perfectly suitable for space exhibitions and shell scheme exhibitions. They also grant the goodwill of environment-friendly exhibitions to the companies. Their ease of use and transport makes them a perfect choice for all types of Dubai or whole UAE based exhibitions.

Strokes Exhibits Dubai, offer both custom built and modular stand solutions

 Custom built stands are designed specifically for your brand and can be created to your exact specifications. Modular stands, on the other hand, are pre-fabricated and can be easily assembled on site. So which option is right for you? The answer depends on your budget and exhibition goals. Custom built stands tend to be more expensive than modular stands, but they offer a higher level of flexibility and can be customized to create a truly unique experience. If you’re working with a limited budget, however, a modular stand may be the better option. Modular stands are also a good choice if you’re looking for a quick and easy setup. Whichever option you choose, Strokes Exhibition is here to help. We offer both custom built and modular stand solutions, so we’re sure to have a solution that’s perfect for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.