Bride Show Abu Dhabi

Designing Award Winning Exhibition Stand for Bride Show Abu Dhabi

Good design making does not happen by chance. You have to work hard and put a lot of effort to make it happen, especially if you are going to participate in the Bride show Abu Dhabi. An amateur designer is nourished well through a long passage of time and then he becomes a reputed and trusted designer. However; if you want to try your own skills then trust that you are putting your exhibition stand on risk.

A lot of websites and blogs speak about making a good award winning exhibition stand. However; every design differs and even a simple design might become complicated due to little errors. So how can you create an award winning exhibition stand design for bride show? Simply by understanding what a good exhibition design is! Here we have compiled the most important properties of a good exhibition stand. Follow these and become a designer of your own stand.

Practical Use of Space

The space of an exhibition stand always becomes short because there is a lot to display and you have to manage other needs on the stand as well. The most important thing is to make it clear that you have to accommodate all the needs in the limited space and you may need to cut some plans out. Be very practical about working on your stand space. Don’t let considerations and perceptions interrupt your operations. Get accurate measurements of the stand space and design everything accordingly. If there no space for the café then cut it out. If a large sofa cannot be accommodated then use egg chairs. Packed stands are never inviting and people feel uncomfortable in them.

Customized Stand

Let’s confess that customized stands are beautiful and attractive. Undoubtedly they charge big amounts of money but they have their own worth in every trade show. If you can afford, then hire a designer and ask him to design a customized exhibition stand. The exhibition stands for Bride Show Abu Dhabi look different and make your post exhibition business party a pure pleasure by using the customizing technique.

Shell Scheme Stand

Every exhibitor cannot afford a customized stand. If you are also the one then don’t worry because shell scheme stands can be upgraded. Ask the designer to add panels, graphics, furniture and other items which can upgrade your stand and make it look different than other stands on the trade show. An upgraded shell stand may not get closer to the value of a customized stand but it definitely brings bigger profits than an ordinary shell stand.

Work on the Positions

The position of your stand decides the design of your stand. If you are at the corner and it is a customized one, then try to keep it as open as possible. If you have a shell stand then stick the walls of stand to the walls of exhibition hall and face the audiences. If you are in the middle of the hall then avoid walls as you will be targeted from all directions.

Focus on Contributors

An exhibition stand has different contributors including cabinets, banners, posters, 3D images, 3D items, lights, AV, and many others. The purpose of your exhibition will decide the focus on the contributors. If you want to tell people about your brand then focus more on AV and flat screens. The exhibition stands Dubai also use posters, banners and revolving panels for this purpose. If you want to aware people about your products then focus on the product replicas and demonstrations. If you want to get leads then focus more on the totality of your stand as well as on the giveaways and promotion items.

Marketing your presence is another important tool. It helps you get the leads and meet the visitors even if your stand is not well themed. Remember that an exhibition stand should be good in practicality, appearance, inspiration, design, and functionality.

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