Custom Built Exhibition Stand Dubai

Secrets to a Successful Exhibition: Double Deck Exhibition Stands

Double deck stand builders Dubai will help your company get noticed at exhibitions with great double storey stands. To build the right kind of stand, your company needs expert builders in Dubai.

Double Deck Exhibition stands are the best way to showcase your company’s portfolio. Your exhibition stall will stand out from the multitudes of single storeyed stands, and your stand will not look plain and predictable to visitors at an exhibition.  

Make a great impression with double Deck exhibition stands


For those who want to make a great impression on the visitors of the exhibition double storey or double decker exhibition stands are the perfect solution. It will attract the attention of a large number of visitors. Stands of this class are notable not only by their sizes, but also from the original shape, architecture, floor, and design. These stands organize the functional areas of your stall and allow maximum use of space. To draw attention to your exhibition booth from other competitors you need these exclusive exhibition stands. This will help you promote your brand to a wide audience. 

At Strokes Exhibits we develop and create designs which are interactive and innovative by using the latest technology. For exhibitors and participants of various exhibitions, to stand out from their competitors is a Herculean task. Strokes Exhibits’ stands always manage to draw many visitors with its smart looking design.

Double Deck Exhibition stand builders Dubai

Strokes Exhibits is an expert double storey stand builder in Dubai. We are happy to meet a prospective customer and explain in detail about our service. To make an impact at an exhibition your stand should be unique and different in a good way. That will make you stand out from your competitors in an exhibition. To present your product or service or brand to the visitors in such a rush your stand has to be the best amongst the lot. To build you the right one that suits your needs a good exhibition stand builder uses his experience and expertise.

A well-built stand is all you need to make a visitor interested in your product or service. It is essential to get a good double storey stand builder to build a stand that is a projection of your brand’s identity and get visitors to you. First impression is always the best impression. An attractive double storey stand will make a huge positive impact on the brand. 

Strokes Exhibits designs and builds three-dimensional structures to showcase your services or products at exhibitions. We are a professional double storey stand builder in Dubai. We work directly with our clients to give you maximum return on investment.

Double storey stands can add to floor space noticeably. They are imposing enough to draw crowds to your stall due to their unique   style and design, and large size. Comprising of the two floors, these stands have the ability to perfectly integrate multiple specific areas like receptions, VIP lounges and demo areas. They are worth every penny spent, especially if you choose the right double decker stand design and construction company.

Strokes Exhibits have been in the industry for long and has helped thousands of clients worldwide to make best use of their visibility on the exhibition floor. Be it double decker, conventional wooden stands or the octanorm, we do exhibition stand design effortlessly. We are one of the few double decker exhibition stand builders in Dubai who can puff off impressive stands.

Why double Deck stands are a better alternative 

  • a) For specialized exhibit areas such as VIP areas and receptions on the floor double storey stands offer unlimited opportunities.
  • b) Make a strong style statement at the exhibition hall and register your presence on the minds of visitors 
  • c) With Strokes Exhibits being your double decker stand design and construction company, you don’t have to worry about the safety aspects, structural calculations, fire regulations, and other concerns. Our competent and efficient event managers will deal it all carefully.
  • d) We have the right expertise, skill and experience to innovate and design all sorts of double storey stands that offer flexibility and ease of use. Exhibition double storey stands built by Strokes Exhibits have won appreciation from our esteemed clients across the globe.  

Strokes Exhibits: How to Create an Engaging Double Deck Exhibition Stands

When it comes to creating a successful exhibition, Double Deck Exhibition Stands are one of the best ways to make a lasting impression. At Strokes Exhibits, we have been designing and fabricating Double Deck Exhibition Stands for over 20 years, and we know what it takes to create a stand that will turn heads and attract attention.

Double Deck Exhibition Stands are not only impactful and eye-catching, but they are also highly versatile and can be customized to suit any brand or exhibition space. Whether you are looking for a stand that is sleek and minimalistic or something more dramatic and playful, our team of experts can help you create a Double Deck Exhibition Stand that reflects your unique brand identity.

In addition to being visually impressive, Double Deck Exhibition Stands are also extremely practical and efficient, providing ample space for exhibiting products or displaying information.

If you are looking for a way to take your exhibition to the next level, Double Deck Exhibition Stands are the perfect solution. Contact Strokes Exhibits today to learn more about our Double Deck Exhibition Stand design and fabrication services.