World Expo 2020

Dubai as a Best Choice for World Expo 2020

World Expo 2020: now it’s just few hours left to vote. Soon we will know which city get the honors of hosting Expo 2020. The contenders in fray, as we know, are Izmir in Turkey, Sao Paolo in Brazil, Yekaterinburg in Russia and of our own Dubai. Even before the final votes are cast, the city of Dubai has emerged as a forerunner and has been endorsed by international media and people in international business. And this is sure to send positive vibes to Paris-based Bureau of International Expositions where the vote takes place on November 27.

The local media has been supporting Dubai and is banking on the hype created plus the superlative infrastructure to bring the positive result of vote. The recent New York Times article has created a flutter. The Middle East’s major English daily sees this as the best thing to happen as it will certainly give the cause a significant mileage. Dubai certainly deserves the choice ranking and if the delegates who partake in voting have any questions in mind, they just need to take a look at the recent political events in the contending cities. A simple analysis will against point of Dubai as the preferred destination.

Gulf news has been quite lucid in its critical analysis of Izmir in Turkey. Citing the recent demonstrations and riots in Turkey, the paper has drawn attention to the stringent tactics deployed by anti riot police in that country. Civilians including women are seen at the receiving end in video footage. These images stir to mind and showcase a country in turmoil, not one that could be the stage for peaceful cooperation. Prevailing conditions in neighboring Syria is also a concern. Taking all these into consideration, the paper has questioned the viability of the option, Izmir.

Russia too presents a grim picture, the paper added. The political tension within the country is ever effervescent. Though Russia is hosting the Winter Olympics and world Cup football in 2018, Expo 2020 is a different ball game. It will be dangerous as the voices against Vladimir Putin are expected to cause trouble in an economic event.

It also called attention to Brazil, where we have seen has been having trouble even in hosting their most loved game – Soccer. The recent events that unfurled at Confederation Cup and the rioting and demonstrations that called the attention of the world before the 2014 World Cup show that Brazil has large sections of the society who feel they are being sidelined and that the economy is not concerned about them. Such unrest is uncomfortable and even though the Brazilian government has vowed to tend to these sections, Sao Paolo would certainly be not as safe as Dubai.

Dubai has a healthy economy which has survived a slump and grown healthier. It is safe. Gulf News concluded the powerful article by saying: “Let’s make the delegate to remember that UAE is unruffled by social, safe haven, political and economic turbulence. So, Dubai is a sole safe choice for World Expo 2020.”

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