How to decide on Exhibition Stand for participation at a Dubai Exhibition

How to decide on Exhibition Stand for participation at a Dubai Exhibition

Dubai – The new Business Hub. Midway between economic hotspots of the west and the east, Dubai Is the one large Business Centre where people meet, exhibit, close deal, set new trade initiatives moving and the most painful truth, change their Business partners.

How well are you equipped for a show in this Biz city?

1.    Know your objectives.
2.    Have you done the homework.
3.    Are you prepared for the most demanding customers?
4.    Are you open to the fact that competition is never the same?

The best way to have a grip on the unknown future is have a control over it.

This starts with the Exhibition Stand Design. Draw out a plan spread over couple of months leading to the actual event. Start the process with enough time to plan and be ready for the D- Day.

Stage I

  • Get your financial budget outlined.
  • Rope in a professional team to create the exhibition stand.
  • Brainstorm with the marketing team so that the objectives are clearly briefed to the designers
  • Be aware of the visitors and who make the TGA. Communicate the same to the exhibition stand design team. Or best have a team that is experienced on the turf.

Once the brief is in, the work moves to the next stage

Stage II

The Professional works on different planes, at times simultaneously to arrive at design that works. Small efficient teams work together to this end.
Conceiving the layout:

  • Understanding the general lay of the pavilion and space allotted, flow of visitors and the rush hour time periods.
  • Planning a layout that answers the objectives of the marketing team
  • Conceiving a design that adds to the corporate image yet has something ‘New’ and attractive
  • Conceptual ideas that make the stand an ‘Happening place’ with assistive promotional materials or Mascot of animate presentation

Stage III

Planning Board and Change Management:

  • The Blueprint is ready for approval. Gauge it on 
    • Appeal
    • Originality
    • Space Management
    • Creativity
    • Effective communication 
  • A change or added facility in the stand needs to be incorporated at this stage while still on the planning board.

Stage IV


The designs are now fabricated and ready for Installation. Some designs are flexible and may be reused elsewhere with minor alterations. Mock tests of crowd management are done to test the efficiency of the exhibition stand.

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