Dubai shall win World Expo with Integrity

The huge infrastructure projects having estimation cost billions of USD are evident of political security and economic stability that a city enjoys.

In the history of the world, the world fair (World Expo, now a days) role has been acknowledged for its significance in the growth and development of cities where it was hosted. The World Expo held first time in the history of the world in London city in 1851. Only 42 World Expos were organized by 16 countries to exhibit industrial, technological and cultural innovations since today. It’s always a inspiration for a host city as such sort of events directly promotes the profile of city internationally and it encourages exchange of cultural along with high economic growth.

BIE (Bureau of International Exhibition) is its regularity authority and responsible for all arrangements of World Expo. It was founded in 1928 to manage the Paris convention that was organized in same year. It comprises of 167 member nations and World Expo is considered as one of the largest and long running event. It’s hosted after every 5 years having focus on the theme regarding the world. This six months long world expo invites different countries, private entities, international organizations, individuals and civil societies to share, collaborate, integrate and exchange ideas and thoughts, connect and network. At the same time, team of BIE starts working on letter of recommendation for the annual meeting of General Assembly in Paris.

Lots of other factors which can influence the assessment includes that the process sustainability that the host city practice. These plans of sustainability can be extended for the site of expo to reuse it even after the end of expo event. Other factors which influenced for the positive decision were the dynamic presence on the web through an engaging and active expo website or via the social media.

The celebrities and renowned figures of international media have recently focused on Dubai, and each has spoken his opinion on the basis of their prediction that how they trust on the BIE votes. Most of them have assured for Dubai on the basis of facts that brand Dubai as a perfect choice as compare to other cities.

Dubai has announced a theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” for this Expo 2020 bid, by understanding the significance of promising minds and collaboration of efforts to overcome the facing challenges of the world. That’s not possible to solve this issue in isolation. It needs great minds to share and connect common cause and to work collectively for the creation of sustainable future.

The United Arab Emirates is a multi-cultural country having above 200 nationalities living happily. No doubt, comparatively Dubai is too young but even then has attained and overcome lots of major challenges which are enough to prove that it is able to picking itself. The UAE is directed by great visions and have set the right plans and have successfully executed them for the economy sustainability and for the continuous growth.

Dubai has strategic potential as well, it’s a place for investments and recognized for the easy business operations. It is continuously developing major infrastructure projects in vital sectors across different industries of the economy. The huge infrastructure projects having estimated costs in billions of USDs in the city are symbols of political security and economic stability that it adores. In 2011, the Middle East region perceived a decline in the direct foreign investment. However, Dubai acquired 30% of it, shows that investors still showed trust on Dubai and better potential for the ROI.

The strategic location of Dubai allows its Emirates Airlines to cover almost 90% of the world’s population by having non-stop flights. Dubai International Airport managed about 57 million passengers in 2012 and it’s expected to become world’s one of the busiest airport by overtaking the Heathrow International Airport of London. No doubt, it is going to improve the connectivity and have plans to handle more than 160 million passengers with the inauguration of Al Maktoum International Airport.

The UAE is utilizing highly innovative world’s technological platforms. The Govt. of UAE has set a goal to shift Dubai city in a Smart City where all sort of services provided by government will be via mobile devices to prove Dubai is an innovative catalyst.

Though, Dubai has a major advantage over other countries is its people from different nations. They have supported the Expo 2020 bid in different creative and unique ways. The Expo bid has fetched the whole UAE community together. Offline and Online, all were supporters.

Dubai has established a reputation of creative ideas which is continually on move, if it has touched this by 2013, and then just imagines where it will be till 2020.

We are fully prepared and our track is paved to success and glory, as we made it. We are going to do same for World Expo 2020; we are going to pave the path to success. We are ultimately a Dubai – there is no way to complete with this.

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