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Elements of Designing a Great Exhibition Stand for DWTC Exhibitions

Exhibition stands in Dubai are not a new concept in the world of exhibition marketing and advertising but due to increasing demand of professionals and companies to get a common platform for prompting their products and services, exhibition industry has transformed greatly. Exhibition industry today has become one of the most used marketing tools where various buyers and sellers meet, interact and get aware of various products and services being offered. The best way to attract a great number of audiences in an exhibitions or in a trade show in DWTC Exhibitions is to design a unique, appealing and great exhibition stand that can provide value an information to potential customers, clients and investors.

Marketing and Exhibition

Many firms that require marketing of their products and services go for participating in various big exhibition and trade shows in order to interact with large number of people from the Dubai market. As a part of the marketing strategy, it is important for firms, professional who are participating in exhibitions to develop a unique yet appealing exhibition stand that can grab audience’s attention. For getting maximum impact it is highly essential that you design and develop the best exhibition stand in order to survive the competition and to stand out. Furthermore, designing a good exhibition stand will eventually create an image in the customers mind and they will be able to recall and recognize your brand easily.

Why to have an Eye-Catching Exhibition Stand in Dubai?

While participating in an exhibition or a trade show, why you have to be the same as that of your other competitors? This will not be an effective strategy to create a distinctive image in minds of your consumers. Thus, in order to stand out you ought to have an attractive and appealing exhibition stand that can grasp the attention and aware people of your offering. It will also encourage people to come and stop by your stand and ask for information or even buy your product or service, thus one must follow certain steps in creating and designing a great exhibition stand which will in turn help a company to boost its sales and to get a large number of potential customers, investors and business clients too. Following are some of the most acceptable ways as how a company can create a great exhibition stand and stand out in the crowd:

  • Signage 
    The first and foremost step in the designing a creative and appealing exhibition stands out requires signage. A creative and well-designed stand uses various signs that attract customers who then can come and visit your stand. What makes a good exhibition stand is its designing, the information it provides regarding the product or service, recognizes the brand and generates brand recall to clients who look at it. Although there are numerous option for signage but a company should focus on the best signage that fits its overall offering. Thus choosing signage requires a company to clearly see what type of signage is require and how well it can fit and which kinds of signs it will use.The companies that hire exhibition contractors, it will help them in providing banners, displaying banners, promoting and also making banners that stand for your signs. At first a company must see how many sign does it need in order to communicate it to customers and what sort of information is required for each of your sign. Also, be focus and clear and not involve too much information that can make your sign look weaker. The best way is to keep your sign simple but informative that can grab attention.
  • Displaying Your Product 
    Second important element is to display your product or services in such way that it attracts audience. You need to determine what sort of setting in terms of space or any furniture is required. Displays can vary according to your product whether you need demonstration displays. Pop up display.
  • Create a Customer Chat Space 
    Since customers are the key highlight to promote and sell your offering thus, a company must have a comfortable and welcoming space for customers so that they can chat with the staff easily and openly ask about your product or service.
  • Brochure Displays 
    Another way of promoting you offer is to have brochures for displays so that you can easily provide it to the customers who then can use it to get information and also to think to buy your product in future if they are interested.