Pet World Arabia

Everything You Need to Know About Pet World Arabia

Pet World Arabia is the only business-to-business international pet exhibition in the Middle East & Africa.

It is the perfect platform for businesses to promote their products and services, present pet care products, pet food, accessories, medicine for all types of pets, veterinary equipment, and pet-related technologies.

It is a must-attend event for all industry players, including international pet distributors, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, traders, and manufacturers, and the perfect platform to exhibit their products and services.

Pet World Arabia, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, is open to the public, all pet owners, and lovers.

The One and Only All-Inclusive Pets and Pet Industry Show

Combining leisure and trade in a unique format the show brings B2B expo catering to the interests of both pet aficionados, and the industry.

To witness thrilling live events like indoor falcon shows, dog shows, cat shows and the like the two-day show will be open to pet fans from the general public at scheduled timings.

What to look for…

  • Pet food players
  • Veterinary experts, nursing care and pet medicines
  • Insurance companies
  • Pet grooming and salon operators
  • Pet products and trainers
  • Logistics players, relocation experts and pet importers
  • Pet furniture, equipment, and fashion products
  • Pet rehab and club
  • Toiletry
  • E-retailers
  • Why You Need to Exhibit at Pet World Arabia?

Brand Exposure

To get your brand out there and promote your broad range of products, technology & know-how trade shows are a great way.

Meet New Customers

Meet the right contacts for your business all under one roof

Make The Brand Tangible

This is a great opportunity to give the visitors the opportunity to touch and feel your products and bring the customer experience of your brand alive, thereby create involvement.

Build The Right Relationships

Attract new relationships with key industry professionals and kick off those all-important informal discussions.

Lead Marketing

Pet World Arabia will invite your new clients and contacts on your behalf

Advertising Option

Onsite advertising, logo on show badges, e-newsletter, etc.


Products for animals, cats/dogs/birds

Boutique (Fashion and accessory products)

Foods (Pet foods and treats)

Home (Living and interior products)

Gifts (Gifts and novelty goods)

Toiletry (Toiletry products)

Outing (Outdoor and leisure services and products)

Learning (Pet training services and products)

Healthcare & beauty (Healthcare & grooming services and products)

Veterinary & nursing care (Veterinary and nursing care service and products)

Ceremonial (Ceremonial and memorial services and products)

Pet insurance

Services and products for cats

Aquarium products and services

Products and services for small animals and birds

Education & information (Professional schools for pet trainers, IT, publishing)



Why Visit

Visitors benefit from attending the region’s leading business platform in many ways, including:

  • Find new opportunities and gain an overview of the market and industry
  • Find new, innovative products, know-how, and technology all under one roof
  • Make informed purchasing decisions – negotiate contracts and place orders
  • Follow the latest innovations and trends – keep yourself up-to-date
  • Get new ideas for your business
  • Compare and discuss features, conditions, and prices
  • Evaluate competitors and gather competitor intelligence
  • Generate new business contacts
  • Meet your existing clients
  • Network – to connect personally with people who share common interests


  • Distributor
  • Dealers
  • Wholesalers
  • Pet shops
  • Trades
  • Retailers
  • Pet Hospitals
  • Manufacturers
  • Groomers
  • Media
  • Veterinarians

Pet Industry In UAE: An Overview

The region’s pet care industry is forecast to be valued at around USD 2 billion by 2025, thanks to the continuous growth in the pet population and the continuance of premiumization in pet food.

Dog and cat population and ownership

From 2016 to 2020 the dog and cat population in the UAE increased by around 10,000 animals each, with the large dog population growing the fastest, by around 6,000 animals. From 2021 to 2026 The dog and cat populations are forecast to slightly decrease. In the UAE there are twice as many cats as there are dogs. Approximately twice as many households in the UAE own cats, the UAE’s preferred pet. The most common dogs in the UAE are small dogs, partly due to the fact that many shopping centers, parks, and restaurants allow small dogs on their premises. With limited outside space, as most people in the UAE live in apartments or villas, small dogs are also more convenient.

It is the country’s expatriate residents who are the majority of pet owners in the UAE, which make up to around 87% of the UAE population (as per 2020 data).

Pet protection law

In 2018 a new pet protection law was implemented and it is believed to be having a positive effect on the sale of pet food. As many expatriates abandon their pets, particularly cats when they leave the UAE to take up jobs elsewhere the law specifically targets pet abandonment. Pet owners will face penalties or imprisonment if they do not properly care for their pets. Many pet owners are feeding and looking after their animals properly to avoid sanctions as a result of this new legislation, and this means that sales of pet food and pet care products are rising accordingly.

Pet Food Trends in the United Arab Emirates

The pet population in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is ever-increasing, with the large dog population growing the fastest.

From 2016 to 2020, total retail sales of dog food increased by 12.4% annually, led by premium dry dog food, which increased by 15.1%, followed by premium wet dog food (9.6%).

From 2016 to 2020 total retail sales of cat food increased by 11.2% annually, led by mid prices of dry and wet cat food. Of all cat food sales in the UAE wet cat food accounts for 68.9%.

The UAE has taken up pet “humanization”, which has given a boost to healthier products. This positive trend is also driven by the country’s new pet protection law designed to protect against pet abandonment and maltreatment, primarily by nomadic expatriates.

The dog and cat food categories in the UAE are dominated by foreign companies (Mars, Nestlé), making up over 50% of retail sales in the period 2016-2020, mainly because consumers know and trust these brands from their home countries.

In 2020, most dog and cat food were sold by hypermarkets (32.0%) and pet shops (29.3%) in UAE. With a 14.3% share, an increase of 61.0% over 2019, eCommerce also performed well.

For Canadian dog/cat food, the UAE is a growing export market, showing a 6.2% annual growth during 2016-2020. Canada’s pet food exports to UAE are valued at Can $855K (2020). Ontario has been the largest exporter at 80.6% of total exports, followed by Alberta (18.1%), and New Brunswick (1.3%) from 2016 to 2020.

In the UAE new product launches are focused on dog snacks and treats, followed by wet cat and dog food, led by an adult, no preservatives/additives, and mineral/ vitamin/fortified claims.

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