Exhibition e mail marketing

How to Increase Exhibition Visitor Traffic Through E mail Marketing

E mail marketing is an effective marketing tool to pull traffic to your Exhibition Stand during your trade event. While formulating the e mail marketing campaign you need to have clarity on action required by recipient.

• Do you want them to see demonstration of your new product or service at your exhibition stand?

• Do you want to invite them for a presentation on your new product or service?

• Do you want them to receive a special discount or a free offer?

• Do you want them to enter the free competition at the exhibition stand?

Once you have visitors on your Exhibition Stand you could assess the quality of the visitors using filtering parameters and use the database for your further marketing effort.

An effective campaign has to be planned well in advance. Keep in mind to have an action button either confirming the meeting or reply confirmation to meet with you. This will assist you to assess the interest level to do further follow-up. The best piece of Direct mailer is something that always has a personal touch and plugs in a benefit without overselling your product or service. Keep in mind you need to break the clutter of direct mailers recipients will be receiving from other exhibitors as well.

Always use a quality database. The show catalog from the Exhibition organizer can be a good source. Your own database can be an excellent source for quality visitors.

Address your mail to an individual not the job title

  • Exhibition visitor traffic can be increased through email marketing. By communicating with personalized mail directly addressing the key person, you can let them know about your Exhibition and encourage them to come along. Exhibition visitor traffic can also be increased by offering incentives, such as discounts or free tickets, in your emails. Email marketing is an effective way to reach a large audience with a personalized message. By taking the time to create a targeted email campaign, you can ensure that your Exhibition is a success.
  • Address to the right person. Do proper research to find a decision-maker who will be there at the Exhibition stand. Keep your message simple & short

  • Exhibition stands can be a great way to promote your products or services to a wide audience, but only if you take the time to market your Exhibition stand properly. One way to do this is through email marketing. By targeting Exhibition visitors who haven’t yet registered for the Exhibition, you can increase the traffic to your Exhibition stand. Keep your message simple and short, and make sure to include a call to action that encourages Exhibition visitors to come and check out your Exhibition stand. With a little effort, you can ensure that your Exhibition stand is a success.
  • Use a series of messages retaining the basic theme

  • Exhibition visitor traffic can be increased significantly through email marketing. By planning different emails for different stages of the sales funnel and retaining the basic Exhibition theme, Exhibition visitors will be much more likely to engage with the Exhibition and visit the Exhibition website. Exhibition emails should be sent out pre-event and during the event to Exhibition visitors to encourage them to visit the Exhibition website and learn more about the Exhibition. By providing Exhibition visitors with valuable information about the Exhibition through email marketing, Exhibition visitor traffic will increase significantly.
  • A strong headline or Subject line for emailer can increase the response rate drastically

  • A strong headline or subject line for an emailer can increase the response rate drastically. The header of the emailer is the key to getting attention to open the email, which should drive to a call to action button. Exhibition visitor traffic can also be increased by segmenting the email list and sending targeted emails. For example, emails can be sent to those who live in close proximity to the exhibition center or those who have previously shown interest in the Exhibition’s topics.
  • Use colors within your brand parameters

  • By using colors and images within the brand parameters, exhibition emails will stand out in recipients’ inboxes and be more likely to be opened and read. Finally, by keeping the message personalized and avoiding a too commercial or sales tone, exhibition emails will create a sense of rapport and trust with potential visitors. 
  • Track emails systematically and responds swiftly

  • To be effective, systematic tracking and swift response can bring in results quickly. Most e-mail marketing tools are equipped with tracking metrics that can give relevant information for follow-up action.
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